Do you want to enjoy a good time with your loved ones in a virtual world? We present you the best Roblox games to play with friends.

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms in recent years. And one of its strong points is its social component, so that we can play with our friends or meet new people. If what you want is to spend a little more time with your loved ones in this virtual world, we are going to introduce you to some of the best Roblox games to play with friends , so that you have a good time.



In this game what we have to do is hide ourselves taking the shape of one of the objects that are in a scene. Meanwhile, our friends that we are playing with will be trying to find us with the help of a wand with which he will give electric shocks to the objects that he thinks are hidden players. Basically, it’s a virtual and somewhat special version of the game of hide and seek that we enjoyed so much when we were little. If you have to hide, the best strategy is to try to become very common objects. If, on the other hand, you are the one who is looking, the ideal is that you look at objects that seem out of place.



Treasure Island is a Mario Party style board game. What you will have to do in it is to advance squares to reach the goal before the rest of the players. But in each round you will have to overcome mini -games to be able to really advance and get to where you were previously. Of course, it is important that in addition to performing well in these games we take into account the chance factor, since our success in the game will also depend on the items, bonuses and punishments that come out. Thus, winning becomes a mix between skill and luck.


This game is nothing more than the Roblox version of one of those games that made us so happy when we were little. The idea is that of the classic Pictionary , one of the players has to draw a picture and the rest have to guess what word they are trying to draw. The complication is that it is not easy to handle the brush, so making a decent drawing becomes a little more complicated than when we played on the blackboard at school. But although the first time you play it is easy to take some work, the moment you get the hang of it you will end up making true works of art.


This game is Fall Guys proposal for Roblox. It is a party game full of minigames with which you can spend a long time enjoying with your friends or with new people you have met on the platform without ever getting bored. In each of the rounds the objective will be different. There will be times when you will have to overcome obstacles, at other times you will need to reach the goal and there will be times when you just need to survive. Each of the games will last only a few minutes, so you won’t get tired of any of them. Fun is guaranteed with this set of games.



This game takes several elements from the popular TV show Survivors , but obviously adapting it to the characteristics of Roblox. In this game teams are formed that have to overcome a series of challenges. The team that has won the challenge will remain whole, while the one that loses will have to expose one of its members. Therefore, you should not only try to win the challenges, but also get along with your teammates to avoid being expelled in case you lose. At the end of the game, the teams disappear and those who were previously voted out survive. A game with shades of reality show in which the confidence you have will be seen.

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