BeReal warns of screenshots. So if you want to know how to take a screenshot in BeReal without being noticed, this interests you.

Screenshots on BeReal are reported. To avoid embarrassing situations, we show you how to take a screenshot in BeReal without other users noticing . The application does not inhibit screenshots, but the person we take it from will know that we have taken it, since BeReal details who it was. Of course, it does not notify the capture.

That said, is it possible to take a secret screenshot in the new trendy app? Yes, but not through the traditional capture with the ON/OFF button of the mobile and the volume, or the HOME button. For this we show you 3 methods that respond to how to take a screenshot in BeReal without them noticing. They are ordered from best to worst option.

  • Record screen: BeReal doesn’t notify about screen recording, so download a screen recorder app, start recording and watch the BeReal you want to capture. After finishing the recording you can make a capture from the video of the recording, yes, the image will lose some resolution.
  • Capture from outside BeReal: Press the button on the mobile where all the apps appear while BeReal is being viewed and capture. Another option is to open the camera to respond to a BeReal and capture it. The latter works, since it is based on the fact that you are responding to a BeReal, not seeing it.
  • Capture with a 2nd phone: This method is a bit crappy but it will work if you have a second phone with a good camera. With the 1st phone, go to the BeReal you want to capture and with the 2nd, take a photo of what it shows on the screen of the 1st. If you do not have another mobile, you can use a camera, a webcam or have the help of an accomplice who does have a mobile.


We know how to take a screenshot in BeReal without them realizing it on both Android and iPhone , but how do you know if they have taken a screenshot in BeReal? You will not receive the notification that someone has captured your BeReal but you can find out from the app, even during the 24 hours that your image is visible. When clicking on the BeReal, the number of screenshots that have been taken will appear, if it does not show the number, it means that nobody has captured it.


Discovering who has captured our BeReal is also possible, although we must follow the following steps. Go to the BeReal, where a number will appear in parentheses next to the location. If you touch it, a window will appear that says “One of your friends took a screenshot”. The identity of the spy will appear blurred until we share the post on another social network. For this we can use Snapchat, Instagram or send it by e-mail, among other options.


Many users wonder what the warning icon in BeReal means . We refer to the notification with a yellow warning icon containing an exclamation mark. It appears suddenly and it is the notification that it is time to take the daily BeReal. In any case, it is not essential to take a BeReal immediately, since you can do it in the following hours of the day. Of course, if you don’t, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The idea of ​​the social network is that, after receiving the notification, you proceed to take the photo to show your contacts what you are doing. According to its creators, BeReal is committed to naturalness , which is why it does not use filters and uses the two mobile cameras to portray how you are and where you are. Like WhatsApp recently , BeReal takes action against screenshots, although in both we can apply the methods from the beginning on how to take a screenshot in BeReal without being noticed.

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