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Facebook, in addition to being a multifaceted program that allows the exchange of information online. As well as other content together with friends, whether images or other types; now includes Pay to its services. A platform where you can make payments quickly. Let’s see below how to use Facebook Pay, what it is for and its function.


What is Facebook Pay and how does it work?

An easy way to describe these applications is with the title of Facebook’s built- in online digital wallet . This in order to streamline payments from different media and marketing companies, thus configuring WhatsApp Pay so that you can send them through it. Without stopping using the main App or closing important windows such as continuing to edit a cover photo.

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In addition to what has already been mentioned, you can use the Pay application from other platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Its main function is to improve in many ways the payment method in different companies. Making it all easier and providing more services online.

Also, among its main features, it offers tools to manipulate and edit transactions or payments already made with differences in hours and days. All this, from the configuration in the three points of the right section in managing your account. Then, choose from the options to view history, invoices or view chat advice.

In which countries is Facebook Pay available?

We all know that Facebook is a globally available program used by countless users. However, this new annex restricts a limited quantity of a product for some countries. Being very easy to access; but in the case of Spain without access to the WhatsApp and Instagram App.

In some countries there is a fast arrival, through the application, either for purchases or other billing online. The main ones are Austria, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and France. In Venezuela and other adjacent countries, the qualification of it is in progress.

How to use Facebook Pay in my account?

There are several ways to access this platform and make payments quickly and safely. It can be from the official Facebook site or through the Pay application available for mobile phones and other Android devices such as iPad, iPhone or tablet. Also within Windows in version 10 and 11 it is enabled.

You can activate this option from Facebook . To do so, you must enter your account with the email address and access password. After this, go to the settings, click on Facebook Pay to enter the drop-down menu, in which you must adjust the payment methods.

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In this menu, you enter the information corresponding to debit or credit cards and other available services, such as PayPal or foreign exchange. To then start canceling invoices, online purchases and other products found on the email page.

Accepted payment methods

This is a way to cancel different processes in the online system, although many are not aware of this. To do this, Facebook offers payment rates for a minimum number of articles, as well as advertisements and other promotions that are made to the company.

Like many other companies, they offer the public easy access to their services with regard to payment; that is, the currency of your convenience. Among the main options available are credit cards, debit cards of the types Mastercard, visa, American Express and Discover. Of public entities, none of the boxes are activated.

Other means of payment accepted are through the PayPal page , others from countries supported by Facebook, such as direct money bank accounts. And as more secure options, it offers you a data protection and banking information management program such as ‘Protect’ that you can activate or deactivate.

Payments for donations

Another way to use Facebook Pay in your account and in a simple way is by making payments for donations from different foundations, companies or others. And it is that, this alternative without a doubt facilitates in many cases the measurement of money transfers with long and tedious processes. Also the fact that they can be done instantly after joining a new group.

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As already mentioned in the information above; There are many payment methods that Facebook allows you to use. However, to this list we can add access to Prepaid cards, also allowed by the system.

By this means, the VAT imposed on the invoice at the end of the month is also calculated. That is why, just as Zelle’s functions allow you to make payments to different countries, this App will help you in the same way.

It is also important to remember that the case of some cards, for example American Express, payments are in dollars. This, depending on the variation of the article or company or by the currency and page price of the same when it is canceled on Facebook.

Is it possible to use ‘stars’ as a payment method?

Yes, this is due to the fact that Facebook incorporates new techniques and additional payment management every day to achieve better efficiency in its products. Although, it has been working for some time, it was disabled by system updates. Now it is active to perform cancellations again.

Doing it is very easy, what you have to do is enter Facebook and go to the tools option located by the three lines on the left. Once this is done, you search among the alternatives at the end of the third row ‘Stars’. You can wait for another buyer to activate the option and then follow him.

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Also, you could wait for another user to acquire the ‘Stars’ and then transfer them when making a live broadcast. If you use the Facebook Lite application, you can request them by private message in the payment session, more methods and stars. As we see, quick ways to use Pay in this App, you can synchronize if you like with others.

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