How to change my location on Facebook Couples and block other users?

user blocking people on facebook couples

As applications are common today, in this case Facebook offers a large number of tools and new forms of communication with others. Adding to its platform the incorporation of virtual dates with the link to couples . That is exactly what we will see next, we will discover how to change the location of Facebook Couples and block other users in very practical ways.


Why does Facebook Couples ask me for access to my location?

This innovative application not only allows you to find friends from all over the world , but also allows you to send publications safely. And you can remove the block on Facebook to post photos or whatever you want. In this way you can use this social medium as you wish.

facebook app to find couples

If you are one of those people who would be interested in finding partners in other parts of the world, your best choice is this App, also known as Facebook Tinder. And it is that this new system offers endless opportunities for all users. Also adding personal information to it to be reachable faster by friends .

How to set my location for Facebook Couples?

This is a unique option of this panel, where you must enter by entering the login data. Once the process has started, you go to the configuration and click on the + Facebook box and then on Couples. You click on your profile and in the menu you mark location for couples. You proceed to edit or modify, and then save.

If you do not have a user profile, online couples, you can create one in the Facebook box, followed by registered couples. You will see the home screen in different ways, customize it to your style and then Match with the mutual friend you want. This in an easy and practical way, but now let’s see other steps from various devices.

Change location from Facebook on Android or iPhone

Within mobiles, this alternative is much easier than by other means. This is because it is more accessible to new privacy management provisions and techniques. As in other processes, you go to the configuration session, regardless of the Lite or Live version and choose services and locations. Then activate or deactivate and the process ends, this also applies to iOS devices.

Change my Facebook location from my PC

In this case, it is available for versions of Windows 10 and 11 that have the Couples App enabled on Facebook . In desktop mode activated you click on the menu and then on the couples link, then on location. Medicate, or edit are the next steps to proceed to save the changes along with the update arrow. You finish the process by testing the system with the dating app activated.

What effects are there on my account when blocking people on Facebook?

But as any operation has drawbacks, this is not the exemption. And it is that by modifying some information of the contact added in the register of couples, another product can be altered. We will see some of them below, although there are more, these are usually the most frequent and used by the largest number of subscribers.

They will not be able to see your Facebook Couples profile

This action is considered the best in case of possible scams, attacks and other threats by third parties. By blocking someone from the list of friends or contacts you will prevent definitive access to your profile and access to your information. In this case, you will not see if you add content, delete, update information or change appointments. It also includes your photos and any progress you may have, unless you undo this option.

Access to your inbox will be restricted and they will not be able to contact you

This process is achieved by blocking the user, regardless of the choice of temporary or permanent. Forbidding access to the inbox, as well as him sending private messages, on the wall or in the online dating chat. Multimedia-style attachments such as images, videos, or stickers can be added to the list.

different facebook users to find partners

With blocking actions, there are many forms of protection you can use, between better privacy, hackers and other threats. It is important to remember that you will not be able to contact them by any means if the person decides to delete their Facebook Dating Couples account. Nor by the official Facebook site and alternative media such as Messenger. This is one of the main benefits offered by this process.

How can I block people on Facebook Dating?

It’s simple, like quickly hiding a story to prevent others from seeing it. What you should do is go to the menu and locate the couples option, click on the ‘Matches’ box and locate the cursor on the profile photo of the person you want to rest or block.

user blocking people on facebook couples

You confirm on the vertical lines and press block in Couples or in the list of friends, It is only available for Facebook Couples. If you delete it completely, you will have to do it from the usual process in your friends list, specifying the reason why you do it. Once this is done, you are done with the steps and you can continue interacting with other users.

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