You’re playing Stumble Guys, you’re going to end the game and walk past the goal. So you wonder why in Stumble Guys there is always someone waiting before reaching the finish line.

If we play Stumble Guys, we can see that in most races there are players waiting at the finish line without qualifying. A priori it doesn’t make sense, since they play to stay out if their rivals arrive earlier than calculated, so why in Stumble Guys is there always someone waiting before reaching the finish line? The answer is simpler than it seems.

Players waiting at the finish line just want to troll others . They want to show that they have come first and thus wait for the last ones to dash their hopes of qualifying right under their noses . If 16 players qualify in a game, they usually wait for 15 to qualify so that when a lagging player approaches, they cross the finish line in front of them. This also happens in Fall Guys and other racing games, where the best players, or at least the most trolls, wait for their competitors at the finish line to show who’s boss.

Waiting in the goal to qualify is cruel, but crueler is waiting in the goal to hit other players. Other trolls don’t just stand still in front of the goal, they hit or grab other players to drive them to despair. On the other hand, it is also common for them to use laughing gestures, or point, to mock. Luckily, occasionally their strategy fails, they miscalculate the distance, and they don’t qualify. Sometimes the ones waiting at the finish line are not trolls, but good-hearted players who play alongside a friend and distract the others, either by grabbing or hitting them, so that they can qualify.


Trolling has been around in Stumble Guys ever since the game was released for Android and iPhone . As we mentioned before, Stumble Guys is inspired by Fall Guys, so it shares certain types of players. What they also share are the ways of trolling, since the settings and characters are similar. Other ways to be a troll in Stumble Guys are to grab or punch another player, but there are much more creative ways and, above all, accessible to all players , since the punch or grab are exclusive to those who redeem the Stumble Pass , the game’s season pass .


For each platform there is a form of trolling. For example, in the Floor Flip scales it is best to make a counterweight so that the other players cannot reach the next scale. On the other hand, in Honey Drop’s collapsing platforms, you can circle around a player so they can plummet into the void. The possibilities of trolling in Stumble Guys are numerous, so if you’re tired of winning, or just want to tease others, you can try these:

  • Play with counterweights in Floor Flip
  • Hit a player who is going to jump on the trampoline in Ice Heights
  • Go around other players’ platforms in Honey Drop
  • Hinder a door in Cannon Climb
  • Stand still at the end of the overhanging platforms in Over and Under
  • Push your rivals into the lava in Lava Rush

Of course, be careful if you show your cards at the beginning of each game. Hitting, grabbing, or trolling other players early on may make them remember your face and play it to you in subsequent rounds . It would not be the first time that several players agree to take down a troll, and that is because nothing unites other players more than being harassed by a troll. Now that you know why in Stumble Guys there is always someone waiting before reaching the finish line, beware of these players.

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