The other players will hate you if you do this. We show you the best tricks and tricks to have fun in Stumble Guys at the expense of other players.

Stumble Guys is based on the competition , since you must overcome other players to get to the finish line before them. Finishing first is fun, but it’s also fun to use tricks and tricks to have fun in Stumble Guys at the expense of trolling our rivals . Here are some ways to frustrate other people’s races just for fun.

If the game developers didn’t want players to pick on each other, they wouldn’t have included expressions. The gesture of throwing a heart at our rival usually implies hints of irony , especially when it is done after he falls off a cliff. Trolling is another element of this game, something that we can appreciate if we look for clips of Stumble Guys on TikTok , because a large number are hesitant.

There are plenty of tricks and tricks to be had in Stumble Guys. Each scenario presents us with different possibilities with which we can play . In Lava Rush, the most annoying thing is receiving a punch that sends us straight into the lava, while on a fixed map in which we have to dodge moving plates, like in Block Dash, it’s funny to grab a rival so that he is run over by the blocks . On the other hand, trolling is more annoying as the end of the test approaches. Being caught at the beginning is annoying because we lose advantage, but it will always be better than receiving a side punch 5 steps from the goal.

If we can’t grab or hit in Stumble Guys because we haven’t paid for the Stumble Pass, we can also troll. If we are first, one option is to feign to advance or deviate so that those who follow us fall. Another option is to wait on the edge of the cliff so that the other players cannot reach it , something very typical in the end of Ice Heights, a map where we will slide through the ice and that is especially frustrating. Finally, sometimes it is best to stay still, especially in the pinball area in Spin go around, since the middle is the only place where others can advance without being hit by the levers, and so if we stand there , we will complicate the race.


If we’ve played a couple of games at a good level, it’s normal to wonder why there are players who are left waiting at the goal in Stumble Guys. It is a practice that also happens in Fall Guys, the game in which it is inspired. The answer couldn’t be simpler: to troll . Many players enjoy waiting for the qualifying slots to be filled to enter the finish line just before the last player who could qualify, thus taking the last spot and snatching it from their faces.


Although this practice is one of the most angry, it can also be disastrous for those who try to do it. If he misjudges his opponent’s pace, or doesn’t coordinate his own movement well, the opponent will enter before him. It’s a frustrating prank, but don’t worry, we can also troll these individuals . It is possible to grab them or hit them so that another opponent crosses the finish line before him and that he loses his place. Finally, many players who arrive in excess cross the finish line from behind. They simply jump over the railing that protects it, or skirt the finish line, to cross it in reverse.


How to hit an opponent in Fall Guys is only possible if we have the Stumble Pass . Unlike the Free Pass, this one allows us to unlock aspects and expressions, some being purely aesthetic and others offering us advantages, such as grabbing or hitting. The Stumble Pass costs 1,200 gems, which we can buy in the Store or get by playing .

The maximum number of expressions you can “carry” in a race is 4, so include hitting within these in the customize menu to use it in the race. Once in the game you must press the 3 points located above the movement sticker and touch the boxing glove symbol when you are close to an opponent . To grab an opponent you must keep the expression in the shape of a purple heart and get close enough to him so that your character holds him back. We have told you some tricks and tricks to have fun in Stumble Guys but now it’s your turn to try them with the other players.

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