Xiaomi Mi 9 vs. Mi 9 Lite: these are the differences

In the duel Xiaomi Mi 9 vs. Mi 9 Lite we present the differences between the two smartphones. Find out here which device is more suitable for you.

Xiamo Mi 9 vs Mi 9 Lite

The information on the two smartphones from China refer to the global version that is best suited for European users. Depending on the version, there may be minor differences in the information.

  • The Mi 9 Lite appeared about half a year after the Mi 9 , making it the newer model of the two. The term “Lite” often indicates a cheaper, slimmer version of a smartphone.
  • Processor : With the 2.2 GHz clocked Snapdragon 710, the Mi 9 Lite actually has a slightly weaker processor than the Mi 9. However, you are very well equipped with it for everyday use. The Mi 9 has installed the very strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with a 2.8 GHz clock rate, with which the smartphone does not stall even when used intensively.
  • Both have an Adreno graphics processor. The Mi 9 works with the Adreno 640, the Mi 9 Lite with the Adreno 616.
  • Battery : The better battery, however, has the Lite version. With 4030 mAh, the Mi 9 Lite has noticeably more stamina than the 3300 mAh battery of the Mi 9. 
  • Camera : Both smartphones have a total of 3 cameras on the back, one of which is the 45 Mpx main camera. The Mi 9 also has a telephoto lens with 13 Mpx and a wide-angle lens with 16 Mpx. A 25 Mpx front camera sits in the front. 
  • In addition to the 45 Mpx main camera, the Lite also has an 8 Mpx wide-angle lens, a 2 Mpx depth sensor for portraits and a 32 Mpx front camera.
  • Design : Both smartphones are available in blue and black. The Lite is also available in white, the Mi 9 in purple. The back of the Mi 9 Lite is made of aluminum and glass, the Mi 9 has a ceramic back.
  • Both smartphones are also almost exactly the same size, but the Mi 9 Lite, at 8.7 mm, is almost 1 mm thicker than the 7.6 mm measuring Mi 9. But the cameras on the Mi 9 stand out a little more from the case.
  • Last but not least, you should not ignore the price. The Mi 9 can be over € 100 more expensive than the Mi 9 Lite.

Other differences

There are some other differences between the two Xiaomi models.

  • The Mi 9 Lite has space for an SD card or another SIM card, while the Mi 9 only has a second SIM slot and no expandable memory.
  • There is an extra Google Assistant button on the housing of the Mi 9, which is not available in the Lite version. The Mi 9 also supports wireless charging.
  • It is exactly the other way around with the jack socket for headphones. Only the Mi 9 Lite can show this. 
  • Last but not least, you shouldn’t ignore the price. The Mi 9 can be over € 100 more expensive than the Mi 9 Lite.

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