Xiaomi MI 9: functions – the smartphone can do all of this

The Xiaomi MI 9 came on the market in 2019 and is the successor to the MI 8. In contrast to its predecessor, the smartphone has a larger display and some new functions on board that make it easier for you to use. You can find out exactly what these functions are in this article.

What functions does the Xiaomi MI 9 offer?

The smartphone’s display is an AMOLED display, which, however, tends to over-saturate. For this reason, the Xiaomi gives you the opportunity to set a few things. A powerful processor was also installed. The Snapdragon 855 provides enough power to play all common games.

  1. Another highlight is the dark mode. Since OLEDs are switched off if they are to be displayed in black, the mode saves a lot of energy and thus delivers a better battery life.
  2. The smartphone has also installed an interesting gesture control, which allows you to get back to the start screen with a swipe from the apps that were last opened.
  3. A blue light filter is activated in read mode. This takes the exhausting blue color from the display and is particularly suitable at night or if you want to read a longer article or a book.
  4. The percentage battery indicator is also very useful, so you always know when it’s time to recharge your phone.
  5. The MI 9 also has three different cameras that offer you the option of taking a wide variety of pictures.

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