Xiaomi MI 9: create backup – how it works

The occasional backup of the smartphone has the advantage that not all data is lost if the phone breaks or can no longer be found. If you want to create a backup of the Xiaomi MI 9, the best way is to use the free software FonePaw.Date: 11/11/2019

How to back up the data of your Xiaomi MI 9

If you do not want to save pictures and videos, but only your smartphone and app settings, it is sufficient if you activate the backup option of Google Drive. For pictures and videos you have to save a complete backup on your PC.

  1. For Google Backup, simply go to Settings and then go to “System”> “Advanced”> “Backup” and activate the “Back up my data” option here.
  2. Now you have to add a new account in the settings under “Backup account”.
  3. If you would rather save all your data, then download FonePaw and install the application on your PC.
  4. Activate USB debugging on your mobile phone and connect the smartphone to the PC.
  5. Now you can select the “Backup & restore” option in FonePaw.
  6. In the following you will be asked to specify which data you want to back up. Once you have selected all the data, start the backup process by clicking on “Start”.

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