Xiaomi MI 9: change battery – so proceed

With every smartphone comes the time when it feels as if the battery would not last long. In this case it is advisable to change the battery. You can either have this done by a repair service or you can do it yourself.

How to change the battery on the Xiaomi MI 9

To change the battery of the Xiaomi MI 9, you need the right tool. It is best to order an appropriate repair set. So you can be sure that you have everything at hand.

  1. First remove the SIM tray with the SIM stick or a paper clip.
  2. Now you can attach a suction cup to the back and slide a thin piece of plastic, such as a pick, between the display and the back cover.
  3. Slide the plastic along the edge once to loosen all the adhesive and open the back cover.
  4. Now you have to remove the induction charging module. To do this, loosen the screws on the motherboard cover. Remove all connected devices from the motherboard and remove it.
  5. Now remove the lower part of the board. When you are done, you can remove the adhesive strips from the battery. To do this, loosen the upper half and slowly pull the adhesive out from under the battery.
  6. Now you can simply remove the battery. Fasten the new battery with adhesive strips in the housing and put everything back together.

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