With this Instagram Stories effect you won’t need to use BeReal


BeReal is a new social network that is causing a sensation by encouraging us to show life as it is without filters. And now Instagram Stories has copied it… with a filter.

We already know that Instagram is an expert in copying things that work on other social networks . The stories themselves were once an attempt to unseat Snapchat. Reels later came as a copy of TikTok videos. And now we can already find a filter for our stories that allows us to create publications very similar to those of BeReal.

If we use this filter, we will be able to show in our publication both our own selfie and a photo of what we have around us , just like in the popular social network.

The way the filter works is that it first takes a photo of what we have around us, that is, with the external camera. And later he takes a second photo with the interior camera, in which we will usually appear. In this way, we will be able to show other people not only our face , but also what surrounds us at the moment in which we have taken the selfie.


Of course, at the moment there is a big difference between the two applications. Instagram, as this filter currently works, continues to allow us to give ourselves more to posture .

And it is that the grace of BeReal is that you have to take the photo at the moment in which the application sends us a notification . We cannot wait, therefore, to have our best face or to be in a wonderful environment where our friends will envy.

However, right now what we find in Instagram Stories is a simple filter. That we can use whenever we want , and wait for the best moment to take the photo.

However, it seems that the difference will come soon. And it is that a few weeks ago it was revealed that Instagram is already working on the possibility of sending us notifications so that we can take photos at a specific time, copying the one that is becoming its rival.

But while this new function does not reach Instagram Stories, you already have the possibility to try this filter that will allow you to show both your face and the place where you are.


Where to find the BeReal filter on Instagram Stories

If this new feature has caught your attention, you are probably wondering where to find the BeReal filter in Instagram Stories . And the reality is that you can find it just like any other filter. You must enter the Instagram app and click on the + sign to create a new Story. At the bottom, where the filters appear, you will have to turn until you find the magnifying glass.

In the search engine, you will have to enter the word BeReal. Keep in mind that you will find several filters with this name, but they do not correspond to the same function. Although there are several that offer similar functions, the one we recommend has the name Berealn’t and the logo of the popular app as its icon.

Then tap Try to take your first photos with this filter. When you tap on the large part of the image, it will take a photo of you with the camera that you have activated at that moment. Then tap on the camera icon to switch to the selfie camera and tap on the small image that appears on the screen. You will see that the result will be a photo combined with your selfie and an image of your surroundings.

Once you have the photo made, you will simply have to publish it in your stories just as you would with any other filter. In this way you will be able to make creations very similar to those of BeReal without having to search for new apps and try to gain a significant number of followers again.

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