The funniest memes about BeReal you’ve seen so far

The funniest memes about BeReal you've seen so far 1

BeReal is the social network that has become popular in recent months thanks to its special way in which content is shared. And like everything that gains this popularity, there are no shortage of funny images about it. Discover the funniest memes about BeReal that you have seen so far.

When it seemed that nothing was going to surprise as far as social networks are concerned, now BeReal arrives and reminds us that not everything was invented. This app is peculiar when it comes to sharing content, because you have to follow some rules that limit publications, something that until now was not usual within social apps.

What this new social app tries to do is to be different from the others, making the content that the user shares more natural and less imposing and showing what they do in their day to day. This app has gained popularity and already has more than eight million downloads. But it also doesn’t get rid of montages and funny images that describe it, check out the funniest memes about BeReal that you’ve seen so far.


The popularity of BeReal

We start the selection with the funniest memes about BeReal that you have seen so far, with this one that explains very well the furor that this new app is causing from another social network, Instagram.


at 2:00 a.m.

Every day Be.Real. It sends an SMS notification to users to take a photo, but the time is not set. Not knowing when the notification will arrive can mean that the user is even sleeping when the notification arrives, as is well reflected in this meme.


French BeReal

Another of the funniest memes about BeReal that you have seen so far is the one that jokes with the origin of the application. This is what happens when you find out that this social network is French.


time of need

As we have mentioned before, one of the characteristics of BeReal is that it aims to show what is being done at a given moment in a natural way. When the notification arrives, you have to capture images with the front and rear cameras simultaneously and sometimes what happens in this meme is that the pet is caught evacuating.


Visit to the gynecologist

So opportune can be the moment to capture the photo that it can catch you in the middle of a visit to the gynecologist or even in full labor.


When you go to take the photo and leave everything else

In addition, from the moment the notification arrives, there is a very limited time to publish. Exactly, users have two minutes to take their photo. After that time, the opportunity disappears. So you have to stop everything you were doing until now to capture the photo. The worst thing is when in those two minutes you have caused a fire like in this meme.


The story also goes through BeReal

Although its popularity is recent, BeReal already shows moments for history. This young man received the notification for his first publication on the social app just as he was passing the hearse with the remains of Elizabeth II, a historical moment of course.


First photo in BeReal

If this is the first time you are going to take a photo for BeReal, it is not uncommon for you to feel like this Twitter user when capturing the image with the front camera of your mobile.


What do you want to do when the notification arrives on a Monday morning?

As we have mentioned before, notification from BeReal can come at any time. This meme demonstrates exactly what the user wants to do when that message arrives at 9am on a Monday


KFC at BeReal

We close the funniest memes about BeReal that you have seen so far with one of the famous American chicken. Brands have also succumbed to the popularity of BeReal. Look at the meme published by the KFC restaurant chain where its iconic characters cannot be missing.


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