Why is BeReal not publishing my photo: possible solutions


Going crazy thinking why BeReal doesn’t publish my photo is something that can be more or less common, but it has a solution.

The fashionable social network consists precisely in publishing photos just when the application itself indicates it. Therefore, if at that moment we cannot upload our image to BeReal, we will not be able to do it again until you notify us again.

Therefore, if you have had a problem that prevents you from uploading your photos , it is interesting to know how to identify it in order to find the solution as soon as possible.


Internet connection problems

One of the problems that can prevent us from publishing our photos on BeReal is that at that moment we do not have an Internet connection . Like any social network, this platform needs to have a connection to the network to be able to publish or display content.

Thus, if you see that you cannot upload a photo, the first thing you should do is change the network to which you are connected at that moment. You can try to enter an alternative WiFi or even pull data if you think the problem may be that the wireless network you are connected to is not working correctly.

You may also have problems posting photos to BeReal if you are currently in a place with poor coverage . If you don’t have a way for the network to reach your device, you’ll need to bypass this notification to post photos.

In any case, if what you want is to check whether or not it is a connection problem, it is as simple as trying to enter another website or social network . If they all fail, the problem is likely to be with the Internet. If the problem lies exclusively with BeReal, it is clear that the problem lies elsewhere.


Application installation failed

It is also possible that the problem is in the application. Even if your friends are doing well, there may be a problem installing BeReal on your mobile that makes you unable to post photos.

The first thing you should do is enter the Play Store to see if there is any BeReal update . There are times that some versions give problems on certain smartphones, but these are easily solved as soon as a new update arrives. Therefore, we recommend that you always have the latest available version of the social network app installed.

If there is no new version of the app, we recommend that you go to your smartphone’s settings and clear the BeReal cache, since sometimes the problems come from there. And in the event that you still cannot publish your photos correctly, there is the drastic solution of uninstalling the app and reinstalling it .

The service has gone down

Although it is not something especially frequent, the truth is that practically all social networks fall at some time. And if the service doesn’t work , it stands to reason that BeReal can’t post your photos until it’s fully restored.

To find out if this is the problem, you can ask a friend who uses the app if he or she can upload photos.

But the easiest way to find out if BeReal is down is to look on Twitter . Sometimes the company itself reports service failures, but if not, surely thousands of users have done so.

In the event that the social network is down, you will not be able to do anything but wait. This is a failure that normally comes from the servers where the platform is stored, so nothing we can do from our mobile will work. We have no choice but to wait for it to work properly again

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