Frustrated that not all of your activity is reflected? Discover the reasons why Sweatcoin does not count my steps
Why doesn't Sweatcoin count my steps?

Having an application that, in addition to forcing us to do physical activity , offers us rewards is, without a doubt, a good idea, but sometimes we wonder why Sweatcoin does not count my steps , or at least not all the steps we actually take. . Many users have this concern when they see how not all their walking activity ends up being reflected in the application, an error that is usually fixed most of the time.

When you detect that you are having problems with the Sweatcoin application , we will have to make sure that we do not have the battery saving mode activated on our mobile, since this can cause our steps to not be counted correctly. In the event that we do have it, we can set an exception by going into ‘Settings’, accessing the ‘Application and notifications’ section, selecting ‘Sweatcoin’ and activating the ‘Unrestricted use of data’ tab.

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Another aspect that can affect the proper functioning of Sweatcoin is the date and time, which will have to be set to automatic, since any forced change can be harmful. If all this does not work, you will have to restart the mobile or uninstall and reinstall the application, to avoid any erratic behavior.

Fitness and wellness apps are often incompatible with each other , so if you have more than one installed, this may be the reason why you’re getting step count errors. It is also recommended to open Sweatcoin at least twice a day so that the algorithm does not stop working properly.

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Those interested in this rewarding pedometer app may be wondering how Sweatcoin works . This app is based on a cryptocurrency ( sweatcoin or sweat currency, in Spanish) that you can mine on your own through physical activity. According to the page of the company that launched the application, with eight minutes or less you can get a sweatcoin .

As we walk or run, we acquire more sweatcoins that we can later replace with discounts on sports products, digital platforms such as Audible or Tidal, or donate them to an NGO. Winnings cannot be exchanged for real money . It also has the possibility of becoming an affiliate like in Amazon or AliExpress, so that the user can obtain more rewards by sharing their personalized Sweatcoin link in their networks.

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Despite its great acceptance in countries of the European sphere, the United Kingdom or the Asian continent, this does not imply that all its users are 100% satisfied with the way of counting the steps of the application, wanting to find out how to make Sweatcoin count more steps that reflect reality . For a long time, there were complaints about the fact that the steps taken outdoors were not taken into account , something that was recently solved.

However, from Sweatcoin they assure that total reliability is not yet a reality , and that 90% of the steps that are taken throughout the day are counted. The remaining 10% remain in limbo and it is a fairly clear area of ​​improvement for the company, which ensures that it continues to work to refine these details and that its algorithm detects as many effective steps as possible. In case the user wants to report any malfunction or deficiencies in the counting of their steps, they can contact Sweatcoin directly through their email: [email protected]

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