Why did Shein give me a refund?


If you have received back the money you paid for an order, you are probably now wondering why Shein gave me a refund . Normally it happens when we request a refund, but sometimes they can return the amount to us without us having asked for it. In this case, it is almost certainly due to one of these reasons:

  1. The package has been lost : If the package you have ordered cannot arrive at your address due to a problem of loss, Shein will refund what you would have paid for it.
  2. Out of stock: Shein’s system is programmed not to sell you any item if it is out of stock. But sometimes this system can fail and when you have bought something it is not available. In this case, a refund of the amount of said purchase will be made automatically.
  3. The package could not be delivered: If the parcel company cannot find a way to locate you, it is possible that they will end up returning the order and refunding your money.
  4. You have canceled the order: If it is not one of the three previous cases, we recommend that you make sure that you have not canceled the order by mistake. If you yourself have requested a refund before the package arrives, the money will be returned and the order will not be shipped.

How to cancel a refund on Shein

If you have found yourself in any of the above situations, you may have wondered how to cancel a refund on Shein . But the reality is that in principle this is not possible. Once the refund has been requested, either by you or directly by the online store, you will receive the money back and you will not have the possibility of going back in the process.

Of course, of course, if you wish, you can buy the same products again with the money that has been returned to you. The only difference will be that you will have to wait again the 10-15 days that it usually takes for orders to arrive. But if this is not a problem for you, you can do it without further complication.

We do have to bear in mind that in the event that the return was caused by a lack of stock of the products you wanted, they may not be available in the online store. In that case, you just have to wait for it to be available again. You can also try to contact Shein Support in case they can provide a solution to your problem.


What happens if I don’t pick up a package from Shein

Do you think you will not be at home by the time the messenger passes? In that case you are probably wondering what happens if I don’t pick up a Shein package . And, as we said, it may be returned to the store and you can get a refund.

But, fortunately, this is only the last option. The normal thing is that first the delivery man tries to call you by phone or simply make the delivery another day .

There is also usually the possibility that they leave the package at the post office closest to your home so that you can pick it up there. In this case, there is usually a period of a few days or weeks before it is returned to the sender.

To avoid problems when it comes to delivery, we recommend that you put an address where you know someone is most of the time. It is also important that your Shein account has a phone number where you can be contacted. And, in the event that they have left your order at the Post Office, try not to take too long to pick it up.

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