Why can’t I post a photo on BeReal


At BeReal we must publish our daily post as soon as possible. The grace of the app is to quickly upload the BeReal after receiving the daily notification. The problem is that occasionally the application crashes and does not allow content to be uploaded. If you wonder why I can’t post a photo on BeReal , we tell you all the causes and solutions for this problem.

The first thing we must understand is that all social networks fail. Instagram, WhatsApp or even Twitter have failed at some point in their existence. However, the operation of BeReal is different from these . The app is designed so that all its users upload their daily post after receiving the notification , which means that the activity is concentrated in just a few minutes. This can lead to BeReal becoming overloaded and not supporting all the sudden activity.

Another different scenario is that we cannot publish our BeReal after rush hour . If this happens, it’s probably our problem. Sometimes we simply do not have a correct Internet connection, but in others the problem is more complex. The app may not be compatible, out of date, or fail to configure.

A BeReal is not published, what can I do?

If a BeReal is not published, what can I do? The first thing is to differentiate the origin of the problem. If it’s a global issue and it happens to all users , or to users in one region, we can only wait. In case it won’t let you upload the post but you just received the notification, wait a while. Most likely it is an oversaturation.

If you waited and other users can upload their photos but you can’t , here’s how you can fix the problem. Before you begin, check that you have a proper Internet connection. If your Internet works but BeReal doesn’t, try the following solutions.

The first thing you should do is close BeReal and reopen it. You can also restart your mobile. If it still doesn’t work, check if there are any updates available on Google Play or the App Store. We guide you to manually update BeReal on Android or iPhone:

  • Android: Open Google Play and enter the BeReal page . In the event that there is an update pending, you will see the Update button. If only Uninstall and Open appear, there are no pending updates.
  • iPhone : Open App Store. Click on your profile icon at the top of the screen. All pending updates for each app will be displayed immediately. If BeReal is out of date, the Update option will appear next to the application.


If you continue reading, it may be that updating it did not work for you or you did not have updates available. Don’t worry, there are still solutions. Uninstall the app and reinstall it . Certain apps install poorly and reinstalling them can make them work properly.

The last solution is to clear the BeReal cache . This process is slightly different on each mobile, but the route to do it is similar. From the Settings app, go to Apps and select BeReal. There will be an option similar to delete data or clear cache. Please note that this will delete all stored app data, but will not delete your BeReal profile settings, friends or likes .

How to know if BeReal has crashed

If in the future you ask yourself why I can’t post a photo on BeReal, you may be interested in how to know if BeReal has crashed . This will allow you to distinguish if the application fails for all users or only on your mobile.

The first thing that comes to mind is to search for “BeReal” on Twitter. If BeReal doesn’t work globally, there will be a lot of people complaining. You can also inform yourself on the official BeReal account on Twitter , available at this link . When the app does not work, he usually informs his followers.


You can also contact the BeReal administrators . His email is [email protected]On the other hand, on its official website, the app has a section where the most common questions are answered .

Finally, it is possible to join the BeReal WhatsApp feedback group , although it is currently full. To do this, go to your BeReal profile and press the 3 dots to open the settings. Within Settings, go to the Help submenu, where Contact Us is located. There you can join the BeReal feedback group or ask a question so they can answer why I can’t post a photo on BeReal.

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