Telegram X is the smoothest version of Telegram. We can download it in the Play Store or through APK if we cannot enter this portal.

Telegram is a messaging application that has a sister version: Telegram X. In this article we will explain where to download the APK of Telegram X in Spanish and safely for Android . First we will detail what are the main differences between the two and then we will list all the ways to download Telegram X, among them, through APK.

Telegram X is an application developed to participate in a contest called Telegram Android Challenge. This contest was created by Pavel Durox, the creator of Telegram. At first his name was Challegram, but in 2018 he changed his name to Telegram X and since then he lives with his “older sister”. Telegram X is different although it maintains the keys of the standard version , such as the use of bots.

The first thing we notice when opening Telegram X is that it is less clunky. When we click on a submenu or chat it opens organically and does not simply change the screen. On the other hand, it allows a greater implementation of emojis and animations, that is, it is more aesthetic and customizable. In turn, it also sorts the files it stores more efficiently and improves video viewing. In short: Telegram X modifies slight design concepts but achieves greater fluidity .


We can download Telegram X officially through its portal in the Google Play Store . There we will verify that it belongs to Telegram FZ-LLC, the company that owns Telegram. As soon as we download it, it will ask us to confirm the account to link it to our Telegram profile, although it is not necessary to install Telegram first and then use Telegram X. Finally, it is vital to emphasize that this application is currently not available for iPhone, only for Android.


If you have trouble browsing the Play Store, you can download Telegram via APK . APKs are executable files that contain an application, since “APK” stands for Android Application Package. Actually, the apps we download in the Play Store or App Store are APKs, although today we refer to the external APKs found on the Internet outside of these portals. They allow you to download discontinued or banned applications in certain territories. Downloading APK files can be dangerous, but there are websites that offer guarantees.


Below we show you 3 portals through which you can download Telegram reliably . It is possible that your mobile questions your decision, since perhaps the search engine does not allow “suspicious” downloads. This is solved by allowing it to run these types of files when it redirects you to the security options.

Without a doubt , the first two options are easier because apkmirror has a more confusing interface. In any case, it is important to pay attention to the download and installation process because they are unofficial downloads that can redirect us to dubious advertising windows. Whoever downloads APK files does so at their own risk, since these pages do not have any official status, but the 3 mentioned belong to the most reliable.

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