WhatsApp: how to know if you’re blocked by a contact

WhatsApp never notifies users when they have been blocked by one of their contacts. The firm says it intentionally designed this to protect user privacy, and will never reveal explicitly if one or more of your contacts are blocking you. There is, however, a wealth of clues that allow us to guess. Follow this quick tutorial to find out if a contact has blocked you in minutes.

You think a contact is blocking you on WhatsApp but don’t know how to check it? The messaging application intentionally hides this information, so that if you make this choice, in turn, for one of your contacts, it can actually be a unilateral action. After all, that’s the goal, right? Of course, as you will see in this quick tutorial, there is still a bundle of clues that does not deceive. And lets be pretty sure that a contact has blocked you, failing to spy on your friends in WhatsApp .

How to know if a contact has blocked you in WhatsApp

To find out if a contact has blocked you in WhatsApp:

  • Go regularly in the chat window: when was the mention Vu à ? Does the contact sometimes appear online?
  • Go to the contact details: their profile photo has changed recently?
  • When you send a message to this contact and come back to it later, do you see two ✓✓ symbols below it?
  • Can you make the other party’s phone ring – or even get it picked up?

If the answer to all these questions is No, you can be pretty sure that this contact is blocking you. Otherwise, even if only one of the answers is Yes, it means that you cannot reach them for another reason, or that your contact prefers to snub you than to block you … Or that their smartphone and / or application WhatsApp is the victim of a technical problem.

Note that the two most important questions on the list are undoubtedly questions 2 and 3. Profile photo updates no longer appear to blocked contacts – and the two symbols below the messages mean, for the first “message sent” and the second “message distributed”. The fact that messages never get delivered must put the chip on the ear.

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