WhatsApp blocked: This can be the cause

WhatsApp blocked your account without warning – and you don’t understand how you violated the terms of use? We list the possible reasons, but also tell you how you can avoid blocking.

Blocked on WhatsApp: You may have been in the wrong group

After a wave of blocking WhatsApp accounts, there were numerous complaints and discussions on the Internet. So the users found out that they were blocked because they were in the wrong WhatsApp group.

  • The names of the groups indicated illegal content. In most cases, they were names that had been changed for fun. WhatsApp assumed, for example, that it was child pornography – and blocked all users who were members of these groups.
  • WhatsApp cannot “see” the shared content. The blocking is automatic and only based on the name, even if the content is actually legal.
  • Who has changed the name or that it should only be a joke is unimportant for WhatsApp. The size of the group is also irrelevant: It doesn’t matter whether there are only a few chat members or 256 (maximum number) – all participants are blocked without warning.
  • If you are in a group with an “illegal” name, you should leave this WhatsApp group . If necessary, also tell other members that there is a risk of being blocked. 
  • It does not help to contact WhatsApp support if you have been blocked for this reason. If you want to use WhatsApp again, you have to change your mobile number.
  • If your account is blocked, you will no longer have access to your chats. To ensure that you don’t lose your conversations completely in such a case, you should save your WhatsApp messages regularly .

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