Use WhatsApp without SIM – how it works

In order to be able to use WhatsApp, you need a mobile phone number with which your account will be linked. This practical tip shows you how you can use WhatsApp without a SIM card.

Use WhatsApp without a SIM card – so it’ll work

The installation can be done in different ways. An active internet connection is required. The easiest way is to download the app from the app store on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can download the WhatsApp APK directly on Android devices and install it manually .

  1. After installing WhatsApp you need to enter a phone number. The activation code will be sent to this later.
  2. This should be a cell phone number on which you can receive an SMS. It is also possible to enter a landline number. Important: You should never use a number that has already been registered. Otherwise there is a risk that you deactivate the account on the configured device!  
  3. The phone number is used with the country code. The appropriate identifier, for example “+49” for Germany, is usually specified. If you use a phone number from another country, you have to adjust the area code accordingly. You must enter your phone number in the second field without the “0” at the beginning of the area code.
  4. Confirm the entry. There is still a security question as to whether the phone number entered is correct.
  5. After a short wait, you can choose to receive the code by phone.
  6. You will then be called on the number provided and will receive the confirmation code. This also works with the number from the landline phone .
  7. After entering the code, Messenger is successfully linked to the specified number and you can use WhatsApp without a SIM card.

The advantages of WhatsApp without SIM

Using WhatsApp without a SIM card can be advantageous for various reasons.

  • For example, you can still use Messenger on a discarded smartphone if you use the SIM card in your new cell phone.
  • A second cell phone that can be used in this way is useful if you store it as a replacement in the car, for example.
  • If you have forgotten your new smartphone at home, you can still communicate via WhatsApp on the go.
  • You may want to continue your old chats, but you don’t necessarily want to reveal your new phone number. Even then, the option without a SIM card is a good solution.
  • You can use WhatsApp on devices that only have WLAN interfaces, such as tablets.
  • WhatsApp can be set up in this way in emulators such as Genymotion .
  • Do you need several WhatsApp accounts, for example to separate professional and private? If your current smartphone does not yet have the dual messenger function , you can use another device in parallel.

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