Have you ever wondered how to get money from Sweatcoin to PayPal? This function is one of the most demanded by users
How to get money from Sweatcoin to PayPal

Obtaining rewards while exercising is an undeniable attraction in any application, although many users want to know how to get money from Sweatcoin to PayPal to have those benefits even more at hand and be able to buy things with them. Although Sweatcoin has its own store , in which it offers discounts and products for which the sweatcoins that the user obtains can be exchanged, its catalog is limited, so it is interesting to know if these rewards can be passed on to other platforms where they can be exchanged. put to better use.

In the case of Sweatcoin, there is not yet a function that allows us to directly transfer our sweatcoins to PayPal , although they do include this platform within their store on a recurring basis. We will have to be very aware of the moment in which PayPal is activated, since these campaigns are temporary and only allow the user to redeem their sweatcoins to take them to PayPal for a limited time.

To check if PayPal is available in Sweatcoin , when opening the application we will have to check what offers are active in the store . You have to press the button with the bags that appears in the bottom bar of the Sweatcoin menu to see the current catalog. Next, we can check the offers either by scrolling down or by moving the upper offer category bar to the left. PayPal promotions should appear in the ‘Digital Offers’ section.

How to get money from Sweatcoin to PayPal


Other users are even more pragmatic and seek to discover how to convert Sweatcoin money to euros . The application does not deliver real money by itself, so, at this time, all the effort we make during the day walking or going for a run can only be exchanged for the products or services that are active in the Sweatcoin store.

However, there is a future path by which we will be able to transform the sweat on our foreheads and the pain in our feet into euros. Sweatcoin has been announcing in its application for some time that we will be able to exchange all the virtual currencies accumulated for other cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, etc.), through its wallet. This function theoretically should be active from this summer, offering a new way of income to the user.

By being able to transform sweatcoins into other cryptocurrencies , we will have the option of also converting to euros through the exchange platform that we use on a regular basis.

How to get money from Sweatcoin to PayPal

Of course, those who do so have to accept the loss of the Sweatcoin commission when exchanging their cryptocurrency for bitcoin or ethereum and another later when we want to exchange the latter for euros. It will be time to check if it is worth converting to hard and cold euros or take advantage of the Sweatcoin virtual store to make a purchase that suits us better without so much hassle.

This detail, together with the frequent complaints of many users about the effectiveness of Sweatcoin ‘s step count, can make it necessary to make a great daily effort to obtain a significant amount of money. However, the incentive to consistently go for a walk or run may be the biggest benefit of the app.

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