What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin cryptocurrencies?

What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin cryptocurrencies?

After several months of waiting, the time has come for the definitive landing of Sweatcoin in the crypto world. If you are still wondering what Sweat Wallet is and how it works to store your Sweatcoin cryptocurrencies , pay attention, because there are some changes within your Sweatcoin application that you have to take into account in order to transform your steps into real money (before transforming it into the new cryptocurrency sweat).

What is Sweat Wallet

In order to convert our sweatcoins, the app’s own currency Sweatcoin, into a cryptocurrency, we first need to know what Sweat Wallet is . This is the name of the application that the creators have launched to be able to convert into sweat, the cryptocurrency in which all our accumulated effort during the summer will be converted in the form of steps.

In order to make this conversion and be able to use the new cryptocurrency, it is a mandatory requirement to have the Sweat Wallet application downloaded . When you open Sweatcoin you will find a large link to go to Google Play or the App Store to download it. Just click on ‘Download app now’ and follow the usual steps to install the new app (or search for it directly in the app stores if you prefer).

What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin 1 cryptocurrencies

How Sweat Wallet works

Once installed, the next step is to discover how Sweat Wallet works . In previous articles, it was indicated that in order to convert sweatcoins into sweats, users had to activate their wallets from the Sweatcoin application, a process that was detailed in this article .

How to use Sweatcoin to earn crypto 2

Users who activated their wallets received an email with a code that is now essential with Sweat Wallet. If we try to access the Sweat Wallet through the Sweatcoin app, it will tell us that there has been an error and that we have to register through the activation email (‘Log in from activation email’). We will have to go to our inbox to find it and copy the code that comes. The email can be identified by the subject “Important: SWEAT wallet backupcode”.

What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin 2 cryptocurrencies?

Once the code has been entered and our user registered, we will be able to see our balance of sweatcoins converted into sweat with a conversion rate of 1:1 (one sweat for each swetacoin). This rate will surely increase over time offering fewer sweats for sweatcoins, so it is convenient to do it from the first day.

At that time, a four-step tutorial will begin in which the operation of the new cryptocurrency will be explained. In addition, users will see how , starting on September 13, the first 5,000 steps taken each day will generate sweat , while the rest will be converted into sweatcoins within the main Sweatcoin app. Once the explanatory tutorial is finished, you will see the countdown or your main menu of Sweat Wallet.

What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin 4 cryptocurrencies?

This new application will serve to manage your cryptocurrencies and you will be able to convert them into other currencies (such as bitcoin or ethereum ) or change your money to get more sweat if you consider that the cryptocurrency can give you even more revenue. In the future, new functions will be added that have not yet been explained at the time of writing these lines, a few hours after the generation of the tokens.

Where to get Sweat Wallet

All those users who have accumulated sweatcoins in recent months and are wondering where to get Sweat Wallet can download it for free from Google Play and the App Store. It is not yet known if converting sweat into other cryptocurrencies or real money will incur any fees afterwards, but that information will be revealed later as details of the official launch of sweat become known.

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