Punto Switcher Troubleshooting

What to do if Punto Switcher is not working? We have collected all the possible overlays that occur when the program runs in different environments, the occurrence of conflicts, their causes and possible user actions.

Punto errors

When working with the Punto Switcher keylogger, problems and errors are possible.


Switching errors

Let’s start with the most common complaint that the Switcher does not switch layouts.

No switching

The lack of switching (or not correcting the first letter) can occur due to the installation of switches on the PC such as “Switch It!” or Ruslat.

Wrong switching

May appear when using other languages ​​​​in the system (in addition to Russian and English). The enabled option of auto-switching in the “Troubleshooting” of the “Settings” only between them will save you from unexpected jumping of the indicator when using a third language.

Enable option

Unexpected while editing a word

In order to prevent such switching from happening, you need to enable “Cursor keys” in “Settings” – “Troubleshooting”. Then, when correcting a word, there will be no switching when using these keys (however, when moving the cursor with the mouse, it will remain).

Hotkeys not working

Occurs when inputs (added by the user) conflict with system or combinations used in other programs. Problems can be avoided if you assign hot combinations with Win, Ctrl, Shift or Alt.

Correction of introduced abbreviations

Turn off the “Fix Abbreviations” tool in the advanced general settings.

Enabling the "Correct abbreviations" option


May not be available in utilities that do not support copy and paste using known keys using Ctrl, C, and V.

Incorrect use

Other applications

Possible (especially when using Telegram, IntelliJ IDEA, WhatsApp, Synergy, PhpStorm, QIP and others), since there was no such calculation initially. However, the developers claim that they are working in this direction.

In Word 2010

If MS Office does not work with Punto Switcher, then most likely the layout from MS Office is in conflict with Punto. To turn it off you need:

  • open the application;
  • go to “Advanced” in “Options” (“File”);
  • in the “Editing Options” refuse to switch the keyboard according to the language of the surrounding text;
  • press OK.

MS Outlook 2010

  • open;
  • open the “Mail” tab in the “Options” (“File”);
  • in the “Editor Options” select “Advanced”;
  • in the “Editing Options” item, disable auto-switching according to the language of the surrounding text.


To avoid errors when using AutoText in MS Office, in the “Troubleshooting” “Settings” of the Switcher, check the box next to “Do not switch by Tab and Enter”.

Setting the option "Do not switch on Tab and Enter"

Windows 8 and 10

Punto Switcher starts without administrator rights. But as you know, in Windows 10 and 8 operating systems, such applications may not work correctly with those that are launched with such rights. To avoid this, it is recommended to launch Punto Switcher with the option enabled (“Settings” – “General”) Run with administrator rights”.

Microsoft Word 2016

In this case, the conflict may arise due to the difference in the keyboard algorithms. The fix is ​​possible by replacing Ctrl + Shift with Alt + Shift (to switch). After reading this article, you will be able to fix problems with the Switcher, including in Windows 10.

Write in the comments about your work in the program and about your success in overcoming mistakes.

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