What is an Android phone? An overview

Smartphones are now available from numerous manufacturers. You are only restricted in the selection of the operating systems. The most common operating systems are iOS and Android. An Android phone is therefore a smartphone with the Android operating system.Date: 11/11/2019

This is an Android phone

An Android phone is a smartphone on which the Android operating system is installed and ready for use. These cell phones are available from numerous different manufacturers, all of whom make small changes to the operating system.

  1. Android offers a graphical user interface for devices with a touchscreen. The operating system was developed by Google and is freely accessible.
  2. That is precisely why it is used by various cell phone manufacturers. In addition to smartphones, the software is also often used on tablets.
  3. IOS is named as competing software. Due to the variety of cell phones, Android leads the market by a large margin.
  4. You can install additional apps on your device via the Google Play Store or similar applications. These can be practical applications, but also games.
  5. In addition to being freely accessible, Android also offers simple usability . Because of the mass of devices, Internet-enabled smartphones in particular are at risk of attacks by Trojans or viruses, which is why special antivirus programs have been developed.
  6. The open system also makes it much easier for app developers to develop new software for the operating system. This is usually more complicated at Apple due to many defined restrictions.

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