Android Q: SD card is not recognized – tips

If your Android-Q device has an SD card slot, you can expand the storage space of the device with a suitable card. If the SD card is not recognized after inserting it, this may be due to the card itself or your mobile device.Date: 11/11/2019

Android Q: Possible causes if the SD card is not recognized

If you have inserted an SD card into your Android-Q smartphone to expand the device’s memory, it will normally be recognized automatically. If this is not the case for you, there can be several reasons for this.

  1. To rule out a defect in the SD card, insert it into another device as a test. If it doesn’t work in the other device, the card is probably damaged and you need a new one.
  2. However, if the SD card is recognized, check whether the card is compatible with your device. Since some smartphone models only support SD cards up to 32 GB or 16 GB, this can be the cause.
  3. If the problem occurs even though the SD card and device are compatible, remove the SD card and clean the SD card slot and its contacts in order to rule out contamination as the cause.

How to update your Android Q device’s SD card

If the SD card is not recognized even after performing the steps described above, connect it to the card reader of your computer and update the drivers of the card. To do this, right-click on “This PC” and navigate to “Manage”> “Device Manager”. Look for the entry “USB Serial Bus controllers”, right-click on it and select the “Update driver software” option.

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