The phases of a shipment serve to get an idea of ​​where our purchases are. Find out what it means when an order is in transit on Shein.
What does it mean when an order is in transit on Shein?

Each online trading platform has its own terminology, which can make your users confused when checking the status of their order. If you have ever wondered what it means that an order is in transit at Shein, you should know that there is still a little time left to receive your garments or accessories, since this does not imply that it is already in delivery and will arrive soon at your home.

The expression ‘in transit’ on Shein implies that your order has already left their warehouse in China after being packed, checked and inspected. Transit is the next stage: the flight between the Asian country and its destination, which means that your order has not yet arrived in Spain (or the country you are in) or has just arrived and is in the local warehouse .

After the transit and its arrival at the local warehouse, the delivery phase will arrive , which can also take a few days, depending on where you live. Orders made from Madrid usually take less time to arrive than those from other parts of Spain, where deliveries will be delayed a little more depending on delivery delivery times.

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Amazon’s delivery speed, especially for users who have the Prime subscription, makes users want all platforms to operate the same, but Shein has its own times. When in doubt about how long a Shein order takes in transit , it must be taken into account that these terms are difficult to determine, since it depends on the fluidity of the flights in which the order is, the speed of management of the departure warehouse and arrival, customs, etc.

The transit of Shein orders usually lasts a few days, although it is not possible to set a specific time . Sometimes the management goes much more smoothly and is resolved quickly, and other times an order can stay in transit for weeks, exasperating the customer.

The only reference we have to know when our order can arrive is the ‘Estimated delivery time’ section . Shein shows this estimate when placing the order and tracking during the shipping process, both on the web and in the application, but it is still just that: an estimate. Shein orders usually take two to three weeks to arrive in Madrid from China.

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For added peace of mind, many users constantly check where their order stands. If you want to know how to check if my Shein package is in transit , just open the app and follow a few simple steps. When accessing Shein, in the lower menu bar, click on ‘I’ to access your user menu.

Then, in the ‘My orders’ section in Shein, you can click on ‘Out of stock’ or ‘See All’ (here you will see the entire list of your orders and not just those that are on their way). Next, in the order you want to check, click on the ‘Follow-up’ button and there you will be able to see what stage of the delivery it is in. If it’s in transit, you’ll see an airplane icon on top of a timeline with the date and time the last change occurred (departure from China, arrival at local facility, etc.).

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As specified before, the best way to know when we will receive the order is to look at the estimated delivery time . This deadline is just above the schedule with the phases of the order and will help you get an idea of ​​what days you can receive the call from the courier on your telephone.

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