Do you want to destroy your games? We teach you how to get the fist in Stumble Guys totally free.

Stumble Guys has become one of the most enjoyed games on Android in recent months. And if you have already become a fan, you will surely be looking for the best way to improve your games, if possible without spending money. Therefore, you may have wondered how to get the fist in Stumble Guys totally free to be able to hit your opponents.

But we are sorry to tell you that the only way to get the first in this game is by purchasing a Premium Pass . And there is no way to get it through the game, but we have to pay for it with real money. And this is priced at about 5.99 euros. On numerous occasions, we can find offers in which we find this pass at a slightly lower price, but there is no legal way to get it for free. At least not by the normal channels of the game, which are the ones we always recommend.

And it is that there is the possibility of hacking the game, but it is not recommended because you can end up losing your account. So if you want to get the fist in Stumbe Guys for free and without risk, your only option is to follow youtubers and streamers who publish games of this game. On many occasions, some of them organize raffles whose prize is a Premium Pass , so that way you could get it for free and legally.



Once you’ve got it for free or for a fee you’ll probably be wondering how to use your fist in Stumbe Guys to win a game .

The first step that we must carry out is to enter Customize before the game . There we can choose the expressions or movements that we will carry during it. We can choose up to four at a time, and we must make sure that one of them is the fist we just got. To use it, we will only need to click on the icon in the shape of a boxing glove.

As you probably know, the goal in Stumbe Guys is to reach the finish line before your rivals. What the fist will do for you is to be able to hit them, so that it is much easier for you to overtake them and become the winner of the game. It is not necessary that we keep it pressed, we will simply have to hit it once at the right moment . So the ideal is that you press it just at the moment when one of your rivals is so close to you that you can punch him without difficulty. As we have seen, it is a Premium option that most users do not have, so it can be a perfect way to reach the goal.



If you are wondering how to select the fist in Stumble Guys , we remind you that you must do it before the game begins. To do this, you will have to go to the Customize menu. Among the options that will appear there, we will have to choose the gesture space to find the fist.

Once you have it selected, you will simply have to click on the icon when you want to hit one of your rivals. The power of the fist is quite powerful, and it can be sent several meters away. Therefore, your opponents don’t need to be very close for you to get rid of them with this move. You will have to point in their direction to make sure you hit them.

The great advantage of the fist in Stumble Guys is that it is a very lethal weapon, which can even send your opponents off the stage with the press of a button. For this reason, many users choose to find a way to achieve it no matter what, even risking hacking the game. In principle it is not the best of options, but it may be worth it if you want to win at all costs.

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