What does “active today” mean on Instagram?


If it was one of the first times that you wrote a private message to someone on the social network, surely you have wondered what “active today” means on Instagram . This is information given to us about the last time the contact to whom we are about to write was connected to the platform.

Thus, if we see that the legend « active today » appears, what it is telling us is that that person has used Instagram today. Therefore, it would not be the typical account that is abandoned because the other person does not access it for weeks.

In the event that we do not find this legend, it may mean that that person has not entered Instagram today or that they have not activated the fact that their last connection is displayed. If this is the case, you will have no way of knowing when that person was last connected to Instagram.



Is Instagram last connection reliable?

If you are wondering if the last Instagram connection is reliable , the reality is that it usually is. But keep in mind that we can change the privacy settings so that the last connection does not appear. Therefore, the fact that a person appears as offline is not a guarantee that they really are.

There are also users who claim that the last connection fails , and that they appear as connected when they have not been. But the reality is that except for some specific failures, the usual thing is that you can trust the time of last connection without problems.

What does active now mean without green dot on Instagram

When we are active on Instagram, a green dot usually appears. That is why you may have wondered what active now means without green dot on Instagram .

In the latest versions of Instagram, when a user is active, the legend active now does not appear by itself, but also a green dot that indicates it. But if that caption appears without the green dot, you’re probably using an old version of Instagram . Although there is also the possibility that it is a small bug that makes that point not appear.


What does active now mean with the green dot on Instagram

If you are wondering what active now means with the green dot on Instagram , it effectively means that that person is currently connected to the social network. This can help you discern if they have not replied to your message because they have not gone through the platform or if they simply have not opened it, although logically this is not totally reliable.

Thus, it is possible that this person is on Instagram just looking at photos or talking to another person .

To know if another person has read your message but has not answered you, you should not look at the green dot of the last connection, but the message read confirmation.

What does active 2 days ago mean on Instagram

If you’ve read this far, you can probably figure out what active 2 days ago on Instagram means . Sure enough, that caption means that the person whose conversation you entered was using Instagram two days ago, but hasn’t reconnected since. Therefore, if you have written a message to him during this time, it is most likely that he has not read it.

In any case, the time of last connection should always be taken as additional information, but never as a means to control the actions of the other person . Especially considering that you can have this information disabled.

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