Learn all about the reactions that have just arrived on WhatsApp
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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application to which from time to time news arrives in the form of functions or tools that make communication even easier. Today we show one of these novelties, see what they are and how reactions to WhatsApp messages work

The world of instant messaging applications has been led by WhatsApp for a few years. In February 2020, this platform reached two billion monthly active users worldwide. For eight years it has been the leading app in this type of communication and it continues to grow.

The second most popular and used messaging app in the countries of the world where WhatsApp appears as second is Facebook Messenger, with more than 1,300 million users . The WhatsApp alternative , Telegram, already reaches more than 500 million users. More than 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day. Statistics show that 85% of users use this messaging feature, while 70% send images, videos, GIFs or links, and 51% make calls.

New functions are being incorporated into this messaging app that make the way of communicating or sending files easier and more attractive. One of these last functions has to do with the reaction to messages . Next, we explain what reactions to WhatsApp messages are and how they work. The first thing you should know is that if you use other apps like Instagram or Facebook, this new feature won’t be particularly difficult to understand why you’ve already seen it in those apps.

We are going to start explaining what WhatsApp message reactions are and how they work. A few weeks ago, Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, announced the arrival of these reactions in a post on his Facebook profile. Now they come true in the app. What reactions do is to be able to give a “response” to a message, photo, video or audio that reaches us through WhatsApp through emojis. That is, it is a kind of response with an image that is given to that message .

The reactions will be available both in chats and conversations between two users and in groups within the messaging app. With this function, WhatsApp aims to reduce the overload of messages , especially in groups ” Reactions are fun, fast and also reduce the overload of messages in groups,” they say from the platform.


These preset emojis for WhatsApp reactions at the moment are five : a thumbs up, a heart, a laughing face, another surprised, another crying and the clash of hands. These emojis seem to be expanded by WhatsApp. This is stated from the messaging app: “In the future, we will continue to improve this function and add many more expressions.”

Now let’s see how these reactions work. The truth is that its operation is quite simple, when you want to react with emojis you simply have to do a long press on the message and then the emojis will appear, then you must choose the emoji that best suits the message. Then the emoji will appear in a corner of the message.

You already know what reactions to WhatsApp messages are and how they work, but you should also know that despite the fact that WhatsApp has announced that these reactions are already coming to the app, they may not yet be available on your device.

Don’t worry, as in other WhatsApp news, they are gradually reaching all devices, so you will soon have them and you can start using this catalog of reactions. Of course, do not forget to always have the latest version of the app to have all the new functions that appear.

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