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flytube android

While watching YouTube videos or movies, you can continue to chat on WhatsApp or do other things. There is an application that helps you with this «multitasking».

It’s about FlyTube. It is an Android app that plays the video in a small window. So you can keep the rest of the screen visible to continue chatting online or using any other application.

Instead of using an app for this task, you can also split the Android screen, or play in the background, in the case of YouTube videos.

Flytube, WhatsApp and YouTube at the same time

flytube flytube android flytube android

This application allows you to watch YouTube videos in a small floating box. This allows you to use other applications while the video is playing. This floating box will always be kept above the application that is being used. Optionally the user can switch to full screen from the same box, or close the video. You can also pause it. You can even copy the URL of the video or copy its embed code.

The video frame can be positioned anywhere on the screen. You have to drag it from the red border. By default, the box will be pinned to the edge of the screen. In the application settings, you must deactivate the “Snapping” option to disable this behavior.

From the application settings you can also change its color. You can even change the size of the floating box. Both are premium features that can be unlocked by purchasing the paid version of Flytube for $ 1.09.

Videos can be viewed on Flytube in several ways. You can search for the desired video within the app. If you touch a link «» on the Android phone, you can choose the Flytube app to open it. You can also use the option “Share” or “Share” in a video played with the original YouTube application. Within the list of applications, you must choose Flytube.

Apparently, Flytube does not allow videos to be played in the background or if the cell phone screen is turned off. For that situation, try the NewPipe app and other available alternatives.

Download Flytube : apkmirror

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