Google makes an online bubble level for mobile

google bubble level online for mobile

This is not a new idea, although you probably want to remember this if you do not want to install extra applications: Google has developed an online bubble level for cell phones (another of its many online tools) that you can deploy with a simple online consultation.

A spirit level is commonly used to see the horizontality and verticality of an object or surface. It is a tool for everyone: not only for those who build things, but also useful in simple household tasks such as sticking a poster, hanging a picture or putting a shelf on the wall.

To display this bubble level online, simply type the phrase  bubble level in the Google Search application or in the Google search engine within the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone.

google bubble level online for mobile

At the moment, the only drawback is that this trick only works if the configured language is in English. If you use the Google Search application, you must open its settings and choose “English (US)” in the “Search language” option. If you are going to use the Google Chrome browser, you must first go to the URL and, where it says “Language of Google products”, leave “English” selected.

I’ve been messing around with this online bubble level from Google and sadly my Motorola Moto G isn’t quite right. Obviously it can’t be considered accurate, but on my phone it’s much more than that: it shows noticeable unevenness on vertical and flattened surfaces that are level . It works quite well with horizontally aligned objects. This is probably a matter of calibrating my particular cell phone. If you are in the same situation, I suggest using a bubble level application of the many that are in Google Play, which not only allow you to calibrate the device but will also work without an Internet connection. Just make sure you choose an app that doesn’t require special permissions to install – I’ve installed Bubble Level from Gamma Play .com and it’s been pretty good.

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