Learn how to grab and how to hit in Stumble Guys to get rid of your opponents and win games more easily.

In Stumble Guys you must reach the finish line before your rivals. To do this you can limit yourself to quickly overcome obstacles or also hinder the progress of other players. Anything goes to get there before them, even hitting or grabbing your opponents. If you are interested in knowing how to grab and how to hit in Stumble Guys , continue reading.

Stumble Guys is virtually identical to Fall Guys . Not only the format is similar, but also the design of the characters and the settings. Given the impossibility of playing Fall Guys on mobile, many players download Stumble Guys on their Android phones or iPhone. As in his older brother, we can annoy our rivals. The actions that we will get the most out of are those of grabbing and hitting, but not all players can do it .

Only if we have the Stumble Pass can we grab and hit. How to grab and how to hit in Stumble Guys? From «Customize» the expressions, or movements, that allow us to carry out actions in the game are changed. We can only equip 4 at a time but we can choose which 4 to carry in the Emote Slot. At the beginning, we have 5 unlocked although if we have the Stumble Pass we can get up to 18 more. To configure the Gesture Space, click on another expression that is not among the 4 and select “Use” to replace it with another. Once with it, within the game, we will see a button with 3 points above the movement stick, if we press we will see the 4 expressions. To grab and hit we must:

  • Grab: The grab expression is shown with a heart. During a game, we must keep this expression pressed so that our character opens his arms and grabs a rival. It is an especially useful movement if we are playing with friends in order to slow down the rival and give our friend an advantage or simply troll him.
  • To hit: The expression to hit is represented by a boxing glove. If we press it during a game, we will punch another player. Unlike grabbing, you don’t have to hold down but use it at the right time. It is a lethal move that can throw whoever receives it off the stage, as it is very powerful and will send it several meters away.


These moves are only available to players who own the Stumble Pass. So the best answer to how to unlock moves to use in your Stumble Guys runs is this pass, which offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. It costs 1200 gems and with it we will get more skins, animations and expressions . Some expressions, or movements, are aesthetic, like crying or laughing, while others benefit us, like grabbing and hitting. The latter belong to the special category.


The Stumble Pass does not automatically unlock all moves but instead allows you to access them. To get them you must play the roulette or unlock them by leveling up with the Stumble Pass . In any case, users with Stumble Pass have a great advantage over those who only have the Free Pass. For this reason, a large number of players choose to download the APK of Stumble Guys with everything unlocked to be able to face each other on equal terms.

Those who choose this route must have the possibility of being banned or that the download introduces malware. This is because these APKs are not found on official portals, but on websites without any certificate that can be found by searching Google. Regardless, reputable APK sites like apkpure or APKMirror offer decent security. Now that you know how to grab and how to hit in Stumble Guys, it’s up to you how to use them.

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