TowelRoot GeoHot APK: One-click root app

Towel Root by GeoHot

Perhaps the most common method known to root an Android phone or mobile is, using a PC or computer (Kingo Root, for example). But of course, that is not the only method. There are also “one-click applications” that allow you to root from the device itself, very fast and easy. A new application has appeared like this and it is called TowelRoot.

Like Framaroot or KingRoot, TowelRoot is an APK file that can be installed on the device you want to root, like any other APK, to root it in a matter of a click (one touch).

The developer of this Android app is none other than GeoHot, a hacker widely known for hacking the PS3 and bringing the Jailbreak to the iPhone.

Towel Root by GeoHot Towel Root by GeoHot

Towel Root by GeoHot

According to GeoHot, TowelRoot has been proven to work on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5, Verizon Galaxy S5 (which are devices with the locked bootloader), Galaxy S4 Active and Nexus 5 (from the first experiences, it seems that it also works with the Nexus 4). ). It will most likely work on AT&T Note 3 and Verizon. Additionally, this developer indicates that it is also possible to work with any Android that has a version of Kernel prior to June 3, 2014 (basically, any mobile that has a version less than Android 4.4.2)

Regarding the latter, you can check the date of the Kernel that your Android has in Settings> About the device. In my case, my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini -Android 4.1.2- with Kernel date «Aug 5 (KST 2013)» should be able to root with this TowelRoot application from GeoHot -in theory-.

How is TowelRoot used?
Well, you just have to download the APK from its official website (right click on the large inverted Y and then choose “Save link as”). Then you just have to copy the APK to the phone and install it like any other APK file (you must have previously activated the installation of unknown sources in Settings> Security).

Once installed, in the app you just have to click or tap on the “make it ra1n” button to root and wait for it to do its job.

GeoHot claims that the app will void the warranty of a Samsung device with the Knox security system enabled. You can contact GeoHot through your email [email protected] , as well as make a donation to this popular developer, from the website of this “application to root in a click”, indicated above. You can find more info about this tool in the thread created in XDA Developers.

Remember that downloading and installing APK files from any source on the internet can be dangerous. Rooting also carries a risk. In both cases, everything is at your own risk. Android Boss and the editor of this article are not responsible for possible problems arising from the information provided here.

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