Top 5 from the forum: BlueBorne security gap, Threema, grade 8 and more


Today are federal elections and I hope you have already set all your two crosses. If not, stop reading, take your legs in your hand and take a walk to your polling station. Then I wish you a lot of fun with the top 5 from the forum. 

5. BlueBorne – dangerous vulnerability

Vulnerabilities are always an issue and these are also discussed in detail in the forum. As Ina reports in this thread, the latest affects almost all Bluetooth devices regardless of the platform. So a big topic and of course we also reported on it. Unfortunately, it is sometimes such a thing with Android with timely updates and Ina would of course like to hear your opinion on the topic in the thread and is looking for an exchange. So have a look.

4. Note 8 available today

The Note 8 has finally been available in stores since last Friday and many fans of the series may have waited a long time for a new model. But who actually buys the smartphone or have you already bought it? This is exactly the question Frankygps asked in this thread, as he will buy the new phablet in December. If you already have the smartphone and good tips, you are welcome to create a new thread in the appropriate area. 

galaxy note 8 front apit
Are you going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8? / © AndroidPIT

3. Wonderful music enjoyment with WonderMusic!

App presentations now make it into our top 5 every week and this week Markus has made it into the top 5 with his new music player. The music player shines in a chic material design, without advertising, is customizable and free of charge. As always, these ideas are the perfect place for your feedback and Markus is sure to appreciate constructive criticism to improve his app even further. 

2. What motivates you to use Threema or WhatsApp?

We all know that WhatsApp is not the best messenger. Nevertheless, a lot of people use it and have various reasons that speak against switching to eg Threema. In this thread, as in others before, I made a statement which you could agree with or justifiably reject and there were exciting discussions again. Have a look and tell me your opinion on the following statement:Opinion by Sophia NineWhatsApp is too unsafe for me, that’s why I use Threema.Do you agree?5050132 participants

Androidpit Whatsapp vs threema
Threema or Whatsapp – who will win the match for you? / © ANDROIDPIT

1. After the factory reset, the Play Store can no longer be installed

If the cell phone doesn’t want to do this anymore, resetting to factory settings is always the last but the best step. With Jannett and her Wiko Ridgefab 4G, apps could no longer be opened, but after resetting to factory settings, when you try to open an app, you will always receive an error message that you need more free memory, even though 13 GB are still free. Together you have been looking for a solution for a long time, but no final solution has yet been found. Have a look and see if you can help.

Unfortunately we have already reached the top 5 again, but don’t worry the next Sunday is closer than you think. Which topics did you like best this week? Tell me in the comments.

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