Tinder Plus Is it worth it?

Tinder is an application to find a partner . If two people like each other they can chat. The paid version is called Tinder Plus and it should improve your chances that more people will like you .

More couples, but very few

I personally have not found a noticeable improvement from the plus version over the free version . It certainly has gotten me more pairs , but it is a really insignificant number . Three to be precise. It was even disappointing because none of those three couples answered my messages, which I found curious.

Those three pairs were obtained through the free “boost” offered by Tinder Plus every month. The app notifies you when you have found a compatible match thanks to a boost. A boost increases your visibility in the app by 8, so that more people see you . But it is something that only lasts 30 minutes .

The other advantage of Tinder Plus is the five Super Likes you get every 24 hours . By giving a person a Super Like, you are telling them that you like them a lot and they will know it in the event that they also give you a “Like” or “Super Like”. As it is to be supposed, this does not help to obtain more pairs and thus I have experienced it.

Tinder Plus also allows your profile to be visible to people from other countries . This may increase the chances of obtaining more pairs, but in my case I have not obtained additional pairs. If it was different, it doesn’t make much sense if the person is far away.


I don’t think it’s worth paying $ 5 a month for Tinder Plus . The additional pairs that I got thanks to the included boost I could have gotten them in the free version after a couple of weeks. It is necessary to clarify that this judgment was issued after using the same and invariable profile during the comparison . I mean, it’s a fair determination, regardless of my physical appearance.

In case you want to try Tinder Plus ($ 5 a month), don’t forget to deactivate the subscription after purchase . This is done from the Play Store.

About boost

Instead of buying an individual boost ($ 4), it’s better if you pay an extra dollar and buy Tinder Plus for a month ($ 5), which includes a free boost. It’s worth a little more, but you get the other Tinder Plus perks, like Super Likes, backtrack last scroll, option to change your location, and unlimited likes.

Unlimited likes are important . When you do a boost Tinder usually shows you many people, and the more I like it, the more your possibilities increase. Without unlimited likes, you won’t be able to get the most out of the boost . And don’t believe the trick of installing an older version of Tinder to get unlimited likes, because this no longer works currently.

If no people appear during a boost , you can force their appearance by changing the location setting to another country. After seeing people you can return to your country. It is also recommended to close and open the application. To avoid this situation, it is recommended not to have slipped people for at least a day before activating the boost.

More information : Official website FAQ, Download Tinder : play.google.com

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