Having fun is not only going to the beach, but also enjoying the best content. That is why we bring you the 20 essential Instagram accounts to have fun during the holidays.

It’s great fun to swim in the sea, flirt with your crush or visit abroad, but you can also have a good time thanks to Instagram. That is why we show you the 20 essential Instagram accounts to have fun during the holidays . Whether you like to watch memes, learn about painting or read clever illustrations, among others, this selection is for you.

We have divided the 20 essential Instagram accounts to have fun during the holidays in 4 different categories: memes, culture, current affairs and illustrators . For each there are five different accounts, so you can choose which one suits your style. They all publish content on a constant basis, so generally, every day you will receive new content.




Memes will always make us smile . We start with @postureoespanol, which focuses its content on memes “made in Spain”. The second is @memes, whose name could not be more significant, since they publish general content, from references to pop culture to video games, yes, all in English. We continue with @couplesnot, focused on memes about couples and relationships, and also published in English. If you are a fan of Pokémon, you have to follow @pokecitas, who exclusively upload Pokémon memes. Finally, we have @afirmacion.es, who laughs at the everyday problems of our day to day life.



If you like culture, be it cinema, music or painting, you should follow the following accounts . @dailyartmagazine publishes famous paintings and explains their history, elaboration or life of their artist. @museoprado is the official account of the museum, where they publish their most special works and temporary exhibitions. From the same field, we have @artforum, one of the most followed contemporary art accounts. As for cinema, @cinema.magic focuses on the magic of the seventh art, recalling epic scenes or great filmmakers. Finally, @festivales.wiki offers you the posters of new festivals or concerts.



Being on vacation does not entail going over the news, but it does follow it from an innovative or humorous tone . @thor.aya interviews normal citizens, who narrate anecdotes or problems that you will never see on the news. We cannot forget about @elmundotoday, who offer their hilarious vision of current affairs, something similar to what the comedian Ángel Martín does on his account: @angel_mg. In a more grandiose tone we have @life, who reviews the key moments of the 20th century. Fifth place goes to @instagram, or is it that you don’t follow the social network on its own social network? It is the best way to find out about its news, that and read the articles of tuexpertoapps.



The illustrators portray society with their own very funny style , at least the ones we have chosen. @dannycasale advertises himself as a bad illustrator, and he may be, but the stories he tells on video are fascinating. In Spain, one of the most renowned illustrators is @ricardocavolo, who has a very striking style focused on warm colors. On the other hand, @ondurebizarre bets on the wildest humor and @pedroveraoyp portrays the most stale of the national scene from his account. Finally, @modernadepueblo focuses on a more female audience, whose problems are made visible with humor.


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