This APP puts an invisible volume control on the screen

The volume buttons can work properly, but they require that physical grip and pressure . Also, on large phones they can be out of reach .

Accessible touch volume

Volume Slider is an application that incorporates an invisible volume control on the screen . The attractive thing is that this control is located on the side edge of the screen (left or right). Thus it is easily accessible with one hand . Just swipe up or down on the edge of the screen to increase or decrease the volume.

Once the “VolumeSlider is on” option is activated, you can control the volume regardless of the application you are in. So, for example, you can adjust the volume of the music while checking your Facebook or chatting on WhatsApp.

In the application you can configure the volume that will be controlled by default: multimedia , ringtone , notifications or system sounds .

The app does not generate a notification in the notification panel, but this is a disadvantage because it is subject to deactivation. The developer claims that he is working to fix this in a future release. Meanwhile, if the application stops working, you will only have to open it manually to activate it again.

This application works on any device with Android 4.0 or higher . However, it is especially useful on the Samsung Galaxy Edge . This takes advantage of that curvature of the screen , currently not very functional.

The volume adjustment is distributed across the entire edge of the screen (left or right). The paid version of the app allows you to put the control on both edges simultaneously or on all four edges of the screen. The only downside is that this feature may conflict with another app where the screen border is used for some function.

Download VolumeSlider :

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