The easiest way to create a YouTube account 2019


One of the business opportunities that are currently being intensively carried out by millennials is to open a YouTube channel, and then become a famous YouTuber. But it’s not that easy Ferguso … !!

Before becoming a famous Youtube artist, you have to go through various obstacles in front of you. The first obstacle, of course, is to create your first YouTube account.

Sepulsa has summarized how to create a Youtube account as well as some tips and tricks that you can do with your account. Hopefully this article is useful and you can realize your dreams of becoming a famous YouTuber, yes!

Create Your First Youtube Account

You can immediately create your Youtube account using either a computer or laptop , using an Android-based smart phone, to using the Iphone and iPad. Sepulsa will explain it to you one by one.

You who use a laptop can immediately open the default browser that is in your laptop , in your condition connected to the internet of course. Then open the Youtube site page , and in the top right corner click Sign in. After that click More options and Create Account .

Login to Google

For those of you who use Android-based smartphones, you can open the Youtube application on your mobile. Then press the human icon in the upper right corner. Click Sign in  and then click Add account  to add your account.

While you who are Apple users, do the same thing with Android users. You can open the Youtube Application on your cellphone, click on the human icon in the top right corner, and then press ign in . Finally click Add account + to create a new account.

After finishing creating your first YouTube account, you are ready to walk the second step towards becoming a YouTuber popularity. The second rung is making your first Youtube channel!

Make a Youtube Channel

With an account that you created before, you can do various activities. These activities include watching, liking a number of videos, and subscribing to various channels.

However, only with a Youtube account, your presence will not be felt by others. This means you can not interact with people on Youtube there. The thing you need to do is create a Youtube channel!

With the new rules from Youtube, you must create a Youtube Channel not only for uploading videos. But also to provide comments, or even create playlists.

To make your first Youtube channel, of course you have to do ign in , either through a browser or mobile site . After that, do all activities that should require a channel, such as uploading videos, making comments, or making playlists .

Well, if you don’t have a Youtube channel, there will be a prompt that prompts you to create a new Youtube channel. Then check the details in the prompt and immediately confirm to create your new channel.

With this channel you can do some activities that are actually still fairly basic on Youtube. For those of you who want your channel to be a business channel with multiple managers , you need to create brand accounts .

What are Brand Accounts? How do you make a business channel?

Basically a brand account is an account that is owned or managed by more than one person. Brand accounts generally have a “trade” or “company” name and not an individual name.

Of course this brand account is managed by many people. Some examples of accounts brands eg accounts that have specific content to reviews on the car, review your phone, until the accounts have the talent more than one person.

To create this kind of brand account you can directly do ign in to your Youtube, maybe through a browser or mobile site . After that you can directly go to your channel list page .

YouTube account already registered

After that you can create your new Youtube channel by pressing the + sign next to the existing channel. And that is fill in the form provided by Youtube to your liking. Click Done and this process is complete.

Google Business Account

Change Youtube Brand Account Manager

As we have explained above that a brand account / brand account means giving you the freedom so that the account can be owned or managed by more than one person. But how do you move the ‘power’ between personnel?

An important note from this brand account is that only the brand account owner can give someone access to manage their account . Therefore, you are the first to create this account that determines who can manage your account.

Then ign in using your brand account . In the upper right corner click on your account icon and click the channel you want to set. Then continue to click on the account settings page  by clicking on the channel icon and clicking on settings settings .

Youtube channel settings

If so, you can click on add or remove managers and you will be redirected to the brand account details page After that, please click on manage permissions and there you will immediately see a list of people who can access your account.

After that you can add people who will give you the freedom to access the brand account . Enter their email and under their name, you can choose their ‘position’.

Edit brand account settings

You can choose them as owners who can do various activities or managers who can use Google services related to your brand account , but on a limited basis. Click invite and done , you have finished adding managers for your brand account .

As the owner of the main account, of course you also act like a company leader. You can freely switch roles or eject others from their positions in the brand account that you jointly manage.

Well, to do this first as usual you can directly ign in the brand account that you manage. Then in the top right corner click on your account icon and select the account you want to manage .

After that, go to account settings by clicking the settings button and clicking settings . There you can search for the add or remove managers option and then you will be redirected by Youtube to the brand account details page .

Look for the manage permissions options on the page. There you will soon be shown the people who manage it and their roles in the account that you manage together.

Now on this page you can change the role of certain people by clicking on their current  role and choose the new role you want. For this we recommend that you learn a lot more about the authority that each position can do in the brand account .

Meanwhile, if you want to remove someone from the list of YouTube brand account managers , you can do this by clicking remove next to the person’s name. Then confirm your choice, and click Done.

The Easiest Way to Make a Youtube Channel

If you don’t want a complicated way just to create a Youtube channel , this is the easiest way for you. Most important if you want to create a Youtube channel is, you must have Google Mail or commonly called Gmail. If you already have, please login to your Gmail account, and automatically you already have a youtube channel . All you have to do is make a video and upload it to your channel .

What are the types of Youtube content?

Youtube content types are divided into 5 most popular types. To get a large audience, maybe you can choose one of the following types of content:

  1. Vlog

Vlogs or  video blogs are Youtube content whose contents are daily activities. Many YouTubers and artists started the  channel by presenting Vlog content . Indeed, many viewers are curious about the daily activities of a  public figure .

2.  Cover song 

There was a moment when a video covering a song was very popular on social media. So many channel owners  produce the content. Even as Raditya Dika just helped make  a funny YouTube cover , and many devotees. There are also many Youtubers who used to love making cover videos  until finally they had their own album, such as Gamaliel, Audrey, and Cantika.

3.  Short films 

You could say now a short film has a new container. Before Youtube, short films might only be shown at film festivals and other special events. But now the community is also easier to access various short films produced. And many know the demand!

4.  Challenge 

Now many viewers who like YouTubers when doing various  challenges . From the  challenge of not going out of the house, to spending spending some money. This type of video certainly has a lot of demand.

5.  Mukbang / culinary videos 

Now music is no longer a hot topic on Youtube, culinary delights and tasty food are becoming increasingly popular themes. Moreover, the emergence of Mukbang trends from South Korea lately. Where, usually the YouTuber will eat quite a large portion, then equipped with a  mic , so the sound of chewing is clearly heard. This video is usually referred to as the ASMR Mukbang video. Once watching it will drool !


Well, those are some of the ways that have been summarized for those of you who want to create your first YouTube account and YouTube channel. For those of you who really want to make a personal channel just make a personal channel, while for those of you who want to create a brand, please create a brand channel that can be managed together. Good luck!

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