How to Check Telkomsel Internet Quota Complete


Telkomsel is now one of the  telephone providers that has accompanied Indonesian citizens for a long time. It has been more than 20 years, making Telkomsel rich in experience and has a super wide signal network that reaches remote areas in various regions.

From a very good network quality, Telkomsel has also provided many high quality communication services. One of the services provided by Telkomsel is to follow the needs of today’s modern society, namely the internet.

Internet users, especially for Android and iOS smartphones , really need a stable internet connection like Telkom. A stable and fast network will make smartphone users comfortable to browse or play online games right if you choose Telkomsel.

Internet packages offered by Telkomsel are based on a 2GB, 3GB, 5GB quota and many others. What must be considered when buying an internet quota is usually checking the remaining quota. If when you use a quota it should be checked periodically to control it so that it can be in accordance with the target.

Even so, it is not uncommon for Telkomsel users to not know how to check it. Actually the way is very easy to check Telkomsel’s internet quota. There are several ways that you can follow from SMS, applications, through the site, and others. Here’s an effective way to check your quota.

Check Telkomsel Quota

1. SMS

To check Telkomsel’s internet quota regardless of the type of card, both US and Simpati, you can check it out in an easy way, just type UL <SPACE> INFO and send to 3636 .

This service is free, or free. If you buy the first quota then the SMS above might not work, there is another SMS format that you can try by typing Flash <space> Infov2, send it the same to.

2. Dial up menu

Many facilities provided in the Dial Up menu are quite helpful and useful, one of which is Telkomsel’s internet quota check. Using dial up to check internet quota is one of the most frequently used methods. Because the way is easy for all ages to understand and very easy to remember.

Dial up menu in Telmomsel to check internet quota via * 889 #. After making the call menu every few seconds you will get information about the remaining Telkomsel internet quota that you have.

3. Through the Telkomel Website

In addition to the Dial Up menu, through the official website address of Telkomsel this is a modern way in its era to check Telkomsel’s internet quota. You can visit Telkomsel’s website and select the flash info menu, you will see various important info about your card like using the available Telkomsel application.

To use the Telkomsel site and application you must register yourself to become a Telkomsel user . The easy way to check quotas will make customers more comfortable and loyal using the provider .

4. Through the My Telkomsel Application

In the digital and sophisticated era that is increasingly developing and advancing to make various application innovations popping up, one of which is the My Telkomsel application. My Telkomsel application is very useful for Android and iOS smartphone users, especially Telkomsel provider users .

In addition to checking the internet quota with this application you can see a variety of important information about your Telkomsel card such as checking your credit, active period of your number and so on. You can download it through Playstore or Appstore.

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