How to Register Smartfren Data Packages on your Smartphone


Smartfren is one provider that has long been in the telecommunications world, initially Smartfren only had a CDMA provider. You all already know, if you use a CDMA provider , you can only make calls and send messages to fellow CDMA users.

But over time, Smartfren continue to transform into a provider of GSM as the provider , for example XL, Indosat, Telkomsel, and more. Smartfren also issued several products that you can buy such as mobile phones and there is also a mini WiFi commonly called Mifi.

For those of you Smartfren users who are confused about which package to buy, we will inform you of a few packages from Smartfren that you can buy and enjoy to surf the internet.

Choice of Prime Card Package

Total Quota24 hour quotaChat QuotaPriceValidity period
3.5GB3GB500MBRp.17,50030 days
5 GB1.25GB2.75 GBIDR 12,50030 days


  • The 2 packages above are internet packages that are already registered on the card, so all you have to do is purchase the Smartfren provider and register the card you have purchased. Then the package will be activated automatically.

Super 4G Quota Package

Total Quota24 hour quotaNight QuotaPriceValidity period
10GB5GB5GBIDR 30,00030 days
16GB8GB8GBRp. 40,00030 days
30GB15GB15GBIDR 60,00030 days
60GB30GB30GB100,00030 days

Terms and Conditions:

  • The validity period of the Super 4G Kuota Prime card is 30 days from the card activation.
  • Quota will be active after card activation and registered according to prepaid registration.
  • If the quota of the original package has run out in the middle of the period, then you cannot activate the internet. You are advised to buy another internet package to be able to enjoy internet services again.
  • If at the end of the package period there is still data quota remaining, the remaining quota will be forfeited will not be accumulated.
  • Quota usage priorities are as follows:
    • Chat quota for using the Whatsapp & Line application (Specifically for Super 4G Quota 5GB Prime Card)
    • Night internet quota for users at 01.00 – 04.59 WIB
    • 24 hour quota
  • Smartfren has the right to change or change the terms and conditions of the Super 4G Quota Prime Card at any time without prior notice to the customer.

Super 4G Unlimited Package

Package NameQuota Per DayPriceBenefitActive period
Super 4G Unlimited Package1GB / dayIDR 70,000Free 10 minute calls to all operators and free HD quality calls to fellow Smartfren30 days
Super 4G Unlimited Package1.5GB / day100,000Free HD quality calls to fellow Smartfren30 days
Super 4G Unlimited Package1GB / dayRp20,000Free HD quality calls to fellow Smartfren5 days
Super 4G Unlimited Package1GB / dayRp.9,000Free HD quality calls to fellow Smartfren1 day

* Maximum speed, reasonable usage limit

Information :

  • Can be used in all applications
  • Can be anytime
  • Can be for all

All of the above packages you can get only in the mySmartfren application. Download the app in Playstore exclusively for Android users and in the Appstore only for iOS users.

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