The best TikTok accounts to follow Eurovision rehearsals, sauces and performances
Become a full-fledged eurofan by following the best TikTok accounts to follow the rehearsals, salsas and performances of Eurovision 2022
The best TikTok accounts to follow Eurovision rehearsals, sauces and performances

There is already a Eurovision atmosphere in the streets and in all the homes of Spain, that is why in  we have decided to compile the best TikTok accounts to follow the Eurovision rehearsals, sauces and performances . One more year, eurofans contribute large amounts of content on social networks analyzing the themes, essays and the latest news about the participants of the edition that will take place from May 10 to 14 in Italy.


The first TikTok channel to watch closely, of course, is the official Eurovision Song Contest , which is taking place in Turin this year after last year’s victory by the Italian band Måneskin. In this account you will find videos with the rehearsals in the week prior to the start of the official competition and you will be able to get to know all the participants better to find out who Spain will face.


The second profile that must be followed is the specific TikTok account that RTVE has to follow everything related to the Eurovision Song Contest. Naturally, the vast majority of the content is based on following in the footsteps of Chanel Terrero, the Spanish participant in this edition, although you can also find videos about her rivals and curiosities about the event.


Beyond the official profiles, Miry G is one of the must-follow accounts to keep up to date on everything that is happening in Eurovision. This tiktoker generates 100% entertaining and interesting content with the latest news from the festival, such as the absence of Blanco, one of the Italian representatives in the first rehearsal, or the presentation of the Chanel dress in Turin.


This account has offered videos of all kinds during the recent Benidorm Fest, which served as a qualifying festival for Eurovision in Spain. In recent days it has become active again with the first rehearsals carried out at the Palasport Olimpico in Turin, but the most interesting thing is to dive into its videos and find curiosities such as the most notorious fails in Eurovision and other curious news. Did you know which Spanish singer tried to participate for San Marino in this edition? In this profile they tell you.


This nice tiktoker provides the quota of salseo necessary for events such as Eurovision. His videos of ‘Failure or collapse’ contain a nice analysis of the proposals that each country sends to Turin, and it will help us to get an idea of ​​what we can find in the 2022 edition. Silvestre is a pure- blooded Eurofan and that It shows in the care and passion he puts into uploading his videos to TikTok.


This account is a rarity worth noting . In it, a parallel contest is proposed in which the followers propose the songs they want them to participate in and the country they must represent. It is strange to see Pablo Alborán representing Belarus, but this type of bizarre content is what we want to see on TikTok , right?


Do you want to review Spain’s passage through the festival so far this century? In this channel you will find very striking compilations and other curious tiktoks , such as one that lists the place of origin of all the participants in this edition. Interestingly, Chanel is not the only artist born in the Americas .


The depth of this channel means that at this point there is not much content from the 2022 edition. Surely you did not expect to see Massiel and his famous Lalala on a platform like TikTok , but a true eurofan does not deny his roots no matter how generation Z whatever.


We leave aside the Spanish-speaking channels, since there are also accounts in English that are worth following closely. wiwibloggs is closely following all the news generated in Turin during the rehearsal days, and is a basic channel to get to know the artists who will represent the European countries in the official competition. Thanks to this profile we have discovered that one of the Icelandic representatives denies the food of her land. We will not do that with Spanish gastronomy, but we take note to take some Tupperware if we go to Reykjavík.


This Ukrainian eurofan has a very neat profile in English on TikTok. Those who defend themselves with the language of Shakespeare will be able to find analysis of each day of rehearsals in their profile . In Spain we have the examples of Miry G and Silvestre, but it is always good to have an extra point of view, and if we also improve our listening skills , all the better.  


Another profile in English with which we can see the predictions of this tiktoker who does not reveal her identity. For voting, he has even voted for the different parties that each country has organized before the festival begins.

With this pack of accounts to follow over the next few days, you will be able to say that you are ready for Eurovision 2022 . Dazzle your friends by sharing these curiosities that go beyond “ everything is politics in Eurovision ” and enjoy the festival that, let’s face it, is our guilty pleasure every spring and next Saturday the 14th, starting at 9:00 p.m.

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