So you can know if you have been blocked on Telegram
How to know if I have been blocked on Telegram 1

If you have written to someone on Telegram and they do not respond, it may be that they are very busy, but it may also be that they have blocked you. Today we show you how to know if I have been blocked on Telegram so as not to wait for that response message that will never arrive.

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging applications out there today for all the features it offers . This app has gained popularity, especially with the different crashes that WhatsApp has had , but it has, even if possible, many more communication possibilities than Meta.

One of the most common questions from users of this app is how to know if they have blocked me on Telegram. Today we explain everything about it so that you are more or less clear if a contact in your address book no longer wants to talk to you.

The first thing you have to know for how to know if I have been blocked on Telegram is that the platform does not have any function that automatically shows you if someone has blocked you , but you must be the one to detect it through signs that we will explain below.

To learn how to know if I have been blocked on Telegram , check if all these characteristics that we show you below are met:

  • The messages remain with a tick. If all the messages you write in the chat never show up with two check marks, that is because they have not reached the sender’s device, so it may be because you have been blocked.
  • He doesn’t have a profile picture. If you used to see your contact’s profile photo normally, but now a graphic image with a letter appears, it means that the image has disappeared and it may be because they have blocked you.
  • “Last time a long time ago” . The app itself indicates under the profile name that the contact’s connection was “a long time ago”. Something that is not definitive, but either does not use Telegram much or has blocked you.


In the previous section we have seen how to know if I have been blocked on Telegram, but if you ask yourself , what appears to you when you are blocked on Telegram? We give you some clues below.

As we have seen previously in Telegram , no message appears when a contact blocks you. What you should keep in mind is what does not appear if you can be blocked or blocked. In Telegram, the profile picture of the person who has blocked you does not appear, nor will their “online” status be displayed. Both things can disappear due to blockage or because you no longer use the platform.

How to know if I have been blocked on Telegram 2


If you know for sure that someone blocked you on Telegram and you wonder: how to unblock me from Telegram? Next, we tell you everything you need to know about it.

The first thing you should know is that the only person who can unblock you from Telegram is the same as the one who blocked you, that is, if you are the person who has been blocked, you cannot unblock yourself.

Thus, if you have other means of communicating with that contact, you must ask them to unblock you from Telegram. That person who blocked you only has to access their list of blocked contacts. To do this you must enter “Settings” of Telegram and then “Privacy and security”. Then access the blocked list and click on your name to unblock yourself.


If you open Telegram and find that contacts are missing, you may be in this situation: a Telegram contact has disappeared, has it blocked me? We answer you below.

The first thing you should know is that, even if a contact has disappeared on Telegram, that does not mean that they have blocked you, but it is an option. The other option happens because you have deleted the account from the platform.

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