You meet again that partner that you were so excited to see again but you can’t add him. Why won’t Facebook let me send a friend request?
Why won't Facebook let me send a friend request?

Although Facebook is a platform where you can contact users from all over the world, not everyone can receive a request from you. If you want to know what is the reason that explains why Facebook does not let me send a friend request , you must take into account that there are several reasons, some that depend on you and others in which you will not be able to do anything to get in touch with said person.

Among these last cases, it should be noted that Facebook has been introducing many gradual improvements to reinforce the privacy of users and that they are not more exposed than they want on the social network. One of these measures to reinforce privacy consists of preventing unknown people from sending you friend requests, and the scope may be limited to friends of friends.

Those people who limit your ability to send them friend requests may still offer you the option to follow them , like on Twitter. If you see that on his profile there is a ‘Follow’ button instead of ‘Add’, if you press it you will be able to read all the publications he makes without audience limitation .

Why won't Facebook let me send a friend request?

Another option that can prevent you from adding the person you want on Facebook is that you already have 5,000 friends on the social network (or that the other person has them). In that case, you will have to delete one of your friends beforehand in order to send a new friend request, since it is impossible to exceed the limit of 5,000 friends established by Facebook. If you send a request over the limit, the other person won’t see it until you make room for them on your friends list.

Finally, if you want to add someone but you don’t see the ‘Add’ button, but ‘Cancel request’, it means that you have already sent the request but it is pending (it may have been forgotten or ignored on purpose by the other person). You can try to add that person again by clicking on ‘Cancel request’ and, when you see ‘Add’ again, by pressing again, this will return the notification to that contact (much faster than asking them to go to the list of requests slopes).


This problem is quite common every time we create a new account on Facebook, and we want to quickly add everyone we know, generating a flood of friend requests… and leading the platform to block us temporarily. How long does the block last to send requests on Facebook then becomes the million dollar question, since we all want to quickly have our closest contacts in our network and not be limited by the social network itself.

Why won't Facebook let me send a friend request?

In the past, it was possible for Facebook to notify us of the time we had left in the punishment before we could add someone again, but at this time they do not specify it. It is usually a block for a few days (it can be two or three as usual), and it comes after verifying impulsive behavior from our account when sending friend requests .

To prevent our account from being affected by this limitation, Facebook recommends only sending friend requests to people we really know (family, co-workers, friends, etc.). For users we don’t know, it’s a good idea to follow them instead of sending them friend requests that they may ignore or cancel upon seeing. Finally, using your real name is also a good tactic to prevent Facebook from considering your profile as that of an anonymous stalker. If we have a lot of unanswered or spam requests, we’ll have a better chance of Facebook stopping us from sending more requests.  

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