Solution: Galaxy S20, S20 + or S20 ultra go out and can no longer be started

Solution: Galaxy s20 * goes out and can no longer be started – The Galaxy S20 * series with Android * 10 uses a very stable operating system and there are hardly any known cases in which there are major problems with restarts or boot loops. 

Nevertheless, it can happen that the devices remain black and show no reaction when restarting.

 we want to help with this problem and explain what can be done

if the Galaxy S20 *, S20 + or S20 ultra simply shut down and then cannot be started.

Solution: Galaxy s20 goes out and can no longer be started

In such cases, resetting the devices is the best solution in most cases.

  1. Make sure that there is enough battery and connect the devices to the charger if in doubt
  2. Press both the power button and volume + and – simultaneously and hold for at least 10 seconds
  3. As soon as the device vibrates you can let go of the buttons.

Then the devices should start up normally and start normally. If there are problems with the start itself, you can try to clear the cache (if you get into the menu) . 

In this way, you can also trigger a factory reset in particularly crass cases, but then all the data on the cell phone will also be deleted.

If the devices do not vibrate or still do not start correctly afterwards, this indicates a defect in the hardware. 

In these cases, you can do very little yourself, but should contact a specialist workshop to have it checked to see exactly where the problem is. 

There you can usually get a quote if a repair should become necessary.

Tip: If the devices have not been connected to the mains for a long time, you should leave them on the charger for a few hours to ensure that the battery is really available.

 Only then can you perform the hard reset mentioned above.

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