iPhone: How to Download videos from YouTube?


Download videos from YouTube with iPhone – if you want to share a certain YouTube video with friends or download a song that you cannot find anywhere other than YouTube, both prove to be a problem, because it is not entirely legal.

 You also don’t want to load your iPhone with unknown programs that perform this function in a dubious way.

 How this works is illustrated in the following reports.

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What are shortcuts?

The app shows the user which commands perform which tasks and how they can be operated. 

With the useful “Social Media Downloader” shortcut you can also save pictures and recordings from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.

Download YouTube videos with the shortcut app

As can be seen from the text, you should first download the shortcuts app from the App Store . If this is installed, the next step is to add the “Social Media Downloader” mentioned to the shortcuts app. For this you should just click on the linkclick and download it. 

During the installation process, you should next enter a “0” (zero) in the text input field – this will activate the automatic saving of videos. Then it continues with the display “Next”. 

Now another window should appear, in the text entry field which you then enter “000000” (six zeros) – this in turn sets German as the application language.

 Those who prefer the English variant can skip this step and only enter a zero instead of the six. Next you should start the YouTube app on the iPhone and open the video that you want to download later. 

Then click on the “Share” display (three dots at the bottom of the screen) and then click on “More” twice in succession.

 In addition to the “Shortcuts” item, the lever should be activated, i.e. glow green. 

Download YouTube videos with the “Documents” app

For the method described below you should use the “ Documents” Download App. If this is installed, the next step is to open the YouTube app and save the link of the desired video to the clipboard. 

You can easily do this by clicking on the “Share” icon, which shows the URL address. Now the “Documents” app has to be opened.

 The savefrom.net page should then be entered in the address field and then opened. 

An input field should then be visible on the page, into which you should insert the URL address of the cached YouTube video

. Finally, you select the video or audio quality of the video and click on “Done” to download it. The video will then be in the “Download” folder.

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