How to make activate / deactivate Honor 7C Internet?

onor 7C – Activate / deactivate Internet – 

Honor 6C and Honor 6C Pro already impressed with solid technology at a reasonable price. 

But what does the Honor 7C look like and what is under the hood?

 For a smartphone *, which costs around 116 euros, that’s a small sensation. 

Honor 7C – Activate / deactivate Internet

A mobile data connection provides us with the Internet. So we can access content online almost everywhere.

When using it, however, it should be noted that depending on the circumstances, high costs can arise,

for example abroad via roaming or when unconsciously activating an automatic data system. 

Accordingly, it is sometimes worthwhile to deactivate the Internet.

Deactivate mobile data via settings

The instructions * are described in the user manual as follows:

  1. The settings open menu.
  2. Then navigate via the “More” punk to “Mobile network”.
  3. There is the “Mobile data” option , the service can be deactivated using a slider.

Mobile data can also be deactivated via quick access by pulling down the status bar to open the notification panel. 

Here, among other things, is the item “Mobile data” , by clicking on the field the function is switched off accordingly.

Deactivate data roaming abroad

However, high costs can still arise in non-EU countries, so it is advisable to deactivate data roaming if necessary:

  1. Open the ” Settings” menu .
  2. Then click on “More” and select the item “Mobile network” .
  3. The service can be switched on and off under “Data roaming” .

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