So you use the ultra wide angle of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with WhatsApp

If you use a smartphone with multiple cameras on the back, you will find that there is no way for many apps to switch between the sensors. This is also the case with the Galaxy S10. At least with WhatsApp there is a trick to switch to the ultra wide-angle lens. We show you how to do it.

The method to take photos with the ultra wide-angle lens in WhatApp is not exactly obvious, but fortunately quite simple. If you are in WhatsApp recording mode, you only have to switch from the main camera to the front camera and back again. The app jumps from the main sensor to the ultra wide-angle camera.

With this trick you switch from the main camera to the ultra wide-angle lens. But what if you want to take a normal picture again? Very easily. You play the game again and switch back briefly to the front camera and back. You have now switched back to the normal lens. 

Whatsapp 03
WhatsApp allows you to use more lenses than you initially think. / ©

But not only that. In addition, you can also change the viewing angle of the front camera with WhatsApp. When Samsung Galaxy S10 + ( for testing ), the camera app allows for example the use of a tailored view for selfies or the full field of view, and WhatsApp switches between the two modes, just like between the sensors on the back.

This trick works not only on the Galaxy S10, but on every Samsung smartphone with an ultra-wide-angle lens on the back. But unfortunately the trick does not work with other apps like Facebook or Instagram, but only WhatsApp – at least for the moment.

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