Saving data volume: Android – you should pay attention to this

Even if you can access WiFi almost everywhere today, the data volume is still important. Because you need this if you can’t use WiFi to do everyday things with your Android smartphone. There are a few ways you can conserve data.

With these tips you save data volume

In the age of digitization, a lack of an internet connection can become a real problem, which is why you can save data volume with these tips .

  1. If you have access to WLAN, then deactivate the mobile data. Because this will inform you directly if you are not logged in to the WLAN.
  2. Use the power saving mode if you do not have access to the WLAN and do not need it either. This prevents apps from updating in the background and calling up data.
  3. Set up your apps correctly. As soon as you open your screensaver, the app should close. This is the only way to ensure that no processes drag unnoticed by your data volume.
  4. Disable roaming and background data. As soon as you are back in the WLAN, you can override this setting to allow updates.
  5. Use the app settings. Many providers are aware that users have little interest in allowing updates via mobile data. That is why many apps offer the setting “Updates only via WLAN”.

Choose the compromise

Especially if you can no longer access WiFi, you have to use your data volume. If your tariff is not enough, many providers offer a one-time increase that is inexpensive. So you are not restricted too much in the use of your smartphon

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