How do you use the Darknet on Android?

To go to the Darknet on the PC, use the Tor browser. This is not so easy on Android. You need an app that connects to the Tor network, a browser that uses the connection to the app, and darknet addresses.Date: 02.09.2019

Use Darknet on Android – it’s that easy

A corresponding app is used here as a proxy server connector. Communication is therefore encrypted. Then send a request via the browser, which is then carried out from the proxy server.

  1. Install the Orbot app and Tor Browser for Android (Alpha). To do this, simply search for the two apps in the Google Play Store and download them.
  2. As soon as you start Orbot, you should see an onion that says “Start”. Just tap on it to connect.
  3. Once you have connected, you can wipe down a message from above. Here you can see how exactly you are connected.
  4. If everything works, open the Tor Browser. Here you can now go to “ https : // www . my – current – ip . de / “go to check whether everything is working properly. If a different IP address and a different country are displayed here, you are completely anonymous on the road.
  5. Darknet addresses such as “ http : // xmh57jrzrnw6insl . onion ”can only be reached via the Tor network. However, most of them are only online for a short time. Illegal sites in particular quickly go off the Internet again.

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