Samsung Galaxy S8: battery runs out quickly? That could help

Battery life is a critical factor in smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also not immune to deterioration over time. We give tips that could solve the problem.Date: January 15, 2020

For better condition: The battery life can sometimes be specifically improved.

The Galaxy S8 is still very popular due to its attractive price . It is therefore all the more important to optimize battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S8: tips if the battery runs out quickly

The following measures can help:

  • Start the phone in safe mode. You can find out how to do this here . If the battery consumption is noticeably lower there, you know that the problem is probably with an external app.
  • Check if the latest version of Android is installed.
  • See which apps use the most battery. If apps that you hardly use are listed at the top, you should set them to passive or even uninstall them.
  • A very effective way to clean the system is to reset it to the factory state . This is very easy, but data backup is essential.
  • Emptying the cache is less drastic, but may also be helpful.

If all of these steps do not improve, the battery is probably already showing signs of wear. The battery change of the Galaxy S8 is only necessary with specialist knowledge; alternatively, you can have the process done by the expert, but that is not least a question of price.

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